May 27, 2024


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Universal Orlando chefs highlight Costa Rican flavors with new food offerings

With the new Jurassic World Velocicoaster offering a thrilling chase around the Islands of Adventure lagoon, the Universal Orlando chefs have prepared their own culinary adventures for guests to enjoy. Taking inspiration from the locale of the popular Jurassic Park movie franchise, Costa Rican flavors transport guests to a tropical escape.

Throughout Universal Orlando Resort, the numerous restaurants are often inspired by various destinations, movies or favorite television shows. From sitting at table in the Today Café to stepping into the magic of Wizarding World, the food and beverage offerings add to that immersive experience. When a flavor can spark the imagination, the chefs have created a dish that will make a lasting impression.

Thinking of the Jurassic Park franchise, the lush locale offers that visual reference, but some guests may be unfamiliar with Costan Rican flavors. In many dishes, the flavors have a tropical influence, with fruits like mango, and staples like plantains, rice and beans.

Overall, Costa Rican flavors are very approachable. Without being too spicy or robust, the dishes can be refreshing, almost light. Given the warm climate, the dishes sometimes even incorporate herbs to help combat the heat.

How do the Universal Orlando chefs make Costa Rican flavors approachable for guests?

Theme park food has become an experience for guests. While many of the dishes build on the familiar, the menu offerings look to entice guests to try a new flavor or a twist on the traditional.

For the Universal Orlando chefs, the new dishes that were added as part of the Jurassic World Velocicoaster opening blend the familiar and the new in a delightful way. One of the dishes that will have people wanting to know the recipe is the chicken wings.

Jurassic theme food at Universal Islands of Adventure

Jurassic theme food at Universal Islands of Adventure, photos by Cristine Struble

Served with a traditional rice, beans and plantains, the large portion of chicken wings have a black mojo sauce that offers just the right amount of tanginess that entices another bite. While the spices are not hidden, the boldness builds with each bite. The blend of flavors begs the question what are all those ingredients and how did the chefs make this bite so irresistible.

The rice, beans and plantain chips offer the balance to the plate. In some ways, it makes you go back for another bite of the chicken wings for that bold flavor.

Universal Orlando Resort new Costa Rican food offerings at Jurassic World Velocicoaster

Universal Orlando Resort new Costa Rican food offerings at Jurassic World Velocicoaster, photos by Cristine Struble

For a big bite, the Casado Burger is a must try. Served on a toasted brioche bun, the burger features guacamole and a thick piece of pork belly. While many people love bacon on a burger, the thick pork belly makes the burger even more flavorful. In some ways, this burger is best enjoyed with a fork and a knife since it is such a big bite.

Using the pork belly on the burger shows how the Universal Orlando chefs are embracing food trends, too. The heartier piece of bacon changes the burger experience. As guests crave a more elevated experience, this Casado Burger delivers that flavor.

Since all the delicious food offerings need a refreshing beverage pairing, there are two choices that are must tries. For all guests, the Island Nectar Refresher is an exclusive Coca-Cola beverage, which is available at the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. Combining flavors of lemonade, strawberry, mango and orange with a slight carbonation, it is a thirst quencher on a hot day. Plus, the vibrant color is quite enticing.

When paired with the Casado Burger, the Island Nectar Refresher helps to balance the richness of the burger. The fruity, yet slightly tart flavor makes the burger, pork belly and guacamole sing.

For adults, there is a specialty Jurassic Park themed beer. The Isla Nubar IPA is citrus forward, but not overly hoppy. Similar to the Island Nectar Refresher, it pairs well with the Costan Rican flavors in the new food offerings.

The new Jurassic themed food is available at Universal’s Islands of Adventure Jurassic Park themed restaurants. For more information on the menus and mobile ordering options, please visit the Universal Orlando Resort app.


Are you ready to step into a new food adventure? What is your favorite Universal Orlando food?