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Unique pieces, oldtimers and luxury designs: current engine pearls on willhaben

Austria (OTS)

  • The most exclusive car is offered for 1.15 million euros
  • The oldest car dates from 1908
  • The most powerful sports car puts 1,500 hp on the road

    More than 160,000 vehicles are currently on offer on willhaben. The many SUVs, small cars, station wagons and convertibles also include numerous special motorized vehicles – including noble luxury cars, powerful sports cars and venerable vintage cars. Michael Gawanda, Head of Auto & Motor at willhaben, has gone on a treasure hunt and presents selected special features that are currently offered on the platform.

The oldest year of construction: Oldie but Goldie

Cadillac Type S, built in 1908
Classic car fans have a diverse selection on willhaben: The oldest motor vehicle is now more than 110 years old. It is a Cadillac Type S from 1908, which is currently on display in the Automobile and Motorcycle Museum in Vienna. The Goldie is now looking for a new owner for 44,000 euros.

Dodge Model 30-Four Touring, built in 1919
This is followed by a Dodge Open Tourer Model 30 built in 1919. The unique oldie was imported from South Australia and fully restored in Austria. The seller wants 32,000 euros for it.

Ford Model T, built in 1920
Only one year younger is the Ford Model T, which lands in third place among the oldest cars on willhaben. The restored one-off was typified as a historic vehicle and is for sale for 37,000 euros.

The highest offer price: not only the equipment plays in the upper class

Ferrari F12, 1,149,000 euros
First place is occupied by a lively Italian: The yellow Ferrari F12 from 2016 comes to 1.15 million euros and is currently the most expensive car on offer. But it’s not just the price that plays in the top league: 780 hp, attention to detail, high-quality materials and sophisticated technology ensure first-class driving pleasure.

Porsche 911 Gemballa Extremo BiTurbo Speedster, 990,000 euros
A truly unique piece follows in second place. The 1997 Porsche 993 Speedster comes from the automobile manufacturer and vehicle refiner Gemballa. The company only produced two of these top league vehicles – the first for the Fulda tire company. The second was made according to the wishes of a Saudi Arabian king. This 600 hp super sports car is now for sale for just under 1.0 million euros.

Most horsepower: premium class performance

Nissan GT-R, 1,500 hp
The dark blue Nissan GT-R sports car presents itself thanks to an engine conversion with a whopping 1,500 horsepower. The powerful gasoline engine from 2017 thus impressively took 1st place in the horsepower race. For just under 150,000 euros, the unique piece shows what it can do.

Nissan GT-R, 1,100 hp
A Nissan GT-R follows closely behind – this time with 1,100 hp and first registration in 2010. This “Godzilla” also shines with its top performance and exclusive equipment. The seller from Styria wants around 75,000 euros for this.

Cars from motorsport: official Formula 3 racing cars

Formula 3 Ralt RT 30
A real racing car is a childhood dream of many. The chance to make this dream come true is currently in Burgenland. A Formula 3 racing car from the manufacturer Ralt from 1986 is sold there for almost 30,000 euros. According to the advertisement, the unique car has already won many prizes across Europe.

Formula 3 Dallara 394
A second Formula 3 model can be found in Lower Austria. The agile racing vehicle from 1994 was driven for one season and impresses with more than 200 hp. Spare parts are included in the price of 22,000 euros.

Cars from film and television: Hollywood on four wheels

Ford Anglia, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Fans of the famous magician watch out! A Ford Anglia from 1960 is for sale in Carinthia. This looks very similar to the model from the second part of the Harry Potter saga. The only difference: In contrast to the film model, this Ford can unfortunately not fly.

Ferrari 308 GTB / GTS, Magnum
Thomas Sullivan Magnum took up the chase in a classic red Ferrari in the “Magnum” series of the same name and made the 308 GTS model a bestseller of the 80s. If you want to feel like a private detective in Hawaii, you can purchase such a cult vehicle from 1981 for just under 100,000 euros in Upper Austria.

Most kilometers: Persistent frequent drivers

BMW 525 tds, 730,000 kilometers
In addition to record values ​​for price and years, there are also special leaders in the number of kilometers category. The winner, a BMW 525 tds, has covered a total of 730,000 kilometers since 1996 – and according to the seller from Vienna, it is still ready to drive.

Mercedes Benz E-Class 200, 683,000 kilometers
Second place went to an E-Class Mercedes, which was mainly used as a motorway taxi. It has been on the street since 2012. Mileage: 683,000. Since the vehicle is also still ready to drive, that is probably not yet the case.

The most exciting right-hand drive: rarities from left-hand traffic

Caterham Seven sports car
The English athlete came to Austria in 2011 and is individually licensed. It is now being sold in good condition for just under 20,000 euros including original accessories.

Jaguar XJ Daimler Sovereign 4.2 Coupe
In 1976 the special Jaguar right-hand drive was registered for the first time. This rarity also has an Austrian individual license and is also looking for a new owner for around 20,000 euros.

A police car from the USA

Dodge Charger Police Enforcer “LAPD”
A dealer from Lower Austria is selling a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) patrol car. The special thing about it: the car contains almost all the police equipment and is therefore true to the original – from the original police siren to the light bar on the roof to the barred partition inside.

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