May 21, 2024


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“TikTok Aesthetics”: So you can have a say

Aesthetics & Cores: A wide range of options

The variety of trends, often called “cores” or “aesthetics”, knows no bounds. Angelcore, Art Hoe, Baddie, Barbiecore, Cottagecore, Girl-Next-Door, Grandparentcore, Italian Mafia, Kawaii, Lovecore, Mommy’s on-the-phonecore, Nerdcore, Plant Mom or Vacation Dadcore – hardly a preference or passion is left out. The Aesthetics Wiki – the ultimate source for anyone who wants to study these phenomena in more detail – already lists hundreds of aesthetics, including numerous micro-genres, i.e. niche aesthetics that are very specialized. “Old” subcultures, such as grunge or goth, are also represented here, which have also developed and differentiated due to extensive digitization.

The trigger or source of inspiration for a fashion aesthetic can basically be anything. Series and films can encourage their development, for example the Slytherin aesthetic was created due to the multi-part “Harry Potter” film adaptation. The Regency aesthetics or Royalcore (and sub-categories such as Princesscore and Kingcore) was significantly influenced by the Netflix series “Bridgerton” but also by all Jane Austen adaptations or other period films. Decades and certain periods of time can also be the starting point for a new trend, as can countries and cities – keyword: French girl. Of course, stars also set the tone, for example Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish are the epitome of the e-girl. Here we are going to introduce you to some fashion aesthetics in more detail: