December 4, 2023


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This is what happens to the record painting

Antique dealer Fabian Kahl set a new record for “Bares for Rares” – and paid 30,500 euros for a painting. Now he reveals what he intends to do with the picture.

There are expensive rarities at “Cash for rares“Again and again. The most expensive include, for example, a diamond cross for 42,000 euros and a vintage Borgward car for 35,000 euros. Now a painting by the painter Otto Mueller joins this series: antique dealer Fabian Kahl spent 30,500 euros on a lithograph, which shows a young woman bathing behind a forked tree on the Baltic Sea island of Fehmarn, making it the most expensive picture that has ever been sold on the show.

“The picture will make history”

“This is an absolute sensation!” Says the moderator Horst lights. In a Facebook video that shows the reactions and emotions of the entire “Bares für Rares” team after the expertise and after the sale of the painting, he reveals that he had previously only estimated it at 1,500 euros. Expert Detlev Kümmel, who has taken over the expertise in lithography, is also completely enthusiastic about the work.

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Info: A lithography is a special artistic printing technique. A drawing is duplicated with a stone or metal plate and printed directly on paper.

“I never expected that we would ever have a work by Otto Mueller on our show. But I’m really proud that I was allowed to be there and research this picture,” he says and reveals: “But it was right Work, because you really can’t make any mistakes here and I really gave it my all. I was very nervous. “

According to the expertise, Lichter is certain: “The picture will make history – and I was allowed to be there!” He also congratulates Kümmel: “You did the expertise. Boy, you discovered it!”

A trader is annoyed

While everyone is happy for Kahl that he has won the bid for the painting, his colleague Wolfgang Pauritsch is annoyed. “Shit, I hate you!” Exclaims the auctioneer, not being very serious. “That was the biggest buy since you’ve been with Bares for Rares,” he notes.

Kahl himself cannot believe his luck shortly after the purchase. “So sometimes my brain breaks down and the only thing that counts is the feeling and with this picture it was exactly that,” he reveals in the Facebook video. “I listened to my gut instinct and bought this beautiful lithograph that was hand-painted. We started at 5,000 euros and ended up at 30,500 euros. Everyone wanted it.”

This is what Fabian Kahl intends to do with the record painting

The expressionist Otto Mueller belonged to the artist group “Brücke”. “That’s why the horses ran away with me here, because that is also my absolute favorite artist from this group,” explains Kahl. “Actually, I had my limit at 25,000 euros and then I really said to myself: ‘Put your teeth together, you won’t get that again anytime soon. Strike here, you absolutely have to have it.’ And I did that, “he reveals.

His plan for the picture is as follows: “I will now hang it up in my apartment. It will be nicely framed, will have a great passepartout and of course UV protection glass. That is very important so that these strong colors that are really still here come out nice, don’t break and fade. And then I’ll always enjoy it. “