June 18, 2024


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This Ford Mustang Wasn’t Even Safe At A Drag Strip

This Ford Mustang Wasn't Even Safe At A Drag Strip

As we have arrive to master in current years, some Ford Mustang drivers are truly a various breed, seemingly unable to perform even the most standard of driving responsibilities with no disastrous success. This Mustang driver is just like that.

This clip appears to have been filmed at a drag strip somewhere in the U.S. and a crimson Ford Mustang battling it out against a vivid blue Chevrolet Camaro down the quarter-mile.

In the beginning, the Mustang gets off the line very perfectly but as it builds up velocity, the rear wheels get started to shed traction and the pony car abruptly veers to the still left. The driver appears to be like to have been spooked by this and above-corrects, triggering the Ford to veer to the ideal and slam directly into a concrete crash barrier on the aspect of the quarter-mile.

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As if merely hitting the wall was not lousy enough, the front of the auto really slides up and in excess of the wall. Not only does this definitely damage the entrance fascia of the Mustang but it also leads to it coming to a relaxation on major of the wall, inevitably creating major destruction to the undertray. The likelihood of this Mustang ever becoming fixed and returning to the street or drag strip seem really trim.

The crash could have been easily prevented if the driver of the Ford Mustang experienced better throttle regulate and was capable to rapidly feather the ability, permitting the rear tires to finally get back traction.