June 16, 2024


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Thin Frizzy Hair Solutions? Yes, Meet Your New BFFs!

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Slim, Frizzy Hair, Meet Keratin Therapies

Frizzy hair options have unsuccessful to deliver what they promised me, way too a lot of times to count. The only skinny frizzy hair smoothing remedy that has at any time worked, until eventually now, was the in-salon keratin smoothing solutions.

And honestly, if you can find the money for and never are living by the ocean (salt kills keratin smoothers), prevent looking at. Just get oneself to a salon that gives the Keratin Sophisticated Treatment method and do that.

No, it is not that Brazilian therapy that kills your hair. It is a Keratin Smoothing Cure.

Listen to me out.

In-Salon Keratin Procedure (Solution 1)

  • The in-salon procedure keratin smoothing therapy I’m talking about does NOT consider your all-natural curl away. It’s just a smoothing procedure.
  • Indeed, it is outrageous pricey, but possibly well worth it if you spends hundreds a year seeking for the magic potion that gets rid of frizzy hair. 
  • It binds keratin to your hair so it’s smoother and shinier. And, you never have to hold out to wash your hair just after the treatment method has been used. 

I attempted the Categorical remedy and it was great—while it lasted. It was meant to very last 4-6 months if you avoided salt and chloride. 

The Convey treatment method price $150 + tip, not which includes slash, shade, or styling. 

It was attractive even though it lasted, but my hair was back to its standard frizzy mess in about 3 weeks, so I could not justify the expense. Nor was I springing for the whole treatment method at $250 for 10 weeks, realizing it would clean out quicker than anticipated.  

But I’m unwilling to shell out $150-350 + tip every four to 10 months, so I had to locate a different way. 

So I went on the internet, asking yourself if there was maybe an at-home therapy that would offer very similar success. Like what I did for my rosacea dilemma. 

AND I Identified 1!