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These coffee table books are a must-have for the home

They invite you to browse, leaf through, dream and they are wonderfully decorative on our furniture: Coffee Table Books are books that become part of the interior and cleverly find their place on side tables, but also on shelves and sideboards. We present the most inspiring coffee table books and show you how to best present them.

What are coffee table books?

Coffee table books are illustrated books that can depict everything from fashion and style icons to furnishings to the works of great artists and architects. If you open the books, you will mainly find large photographs with short, concise information and descriptions of pictures.

The special thing about the books: They are not only informative, but above all decorative and are therefore stylishly used as decoration in the home. Because the books are characterized by an appealing cover, artistic pictures and an impressive feel.

It needs its place: The table books are mostly large-format, thick illustrated books with impressive content.

The picture books are a real must-have for interior fans, because they decorate the apartment from coffee tables to shelves and exude a touch of intellectual charm in a very calm manner.

Stylist Pernille Teisbaek relies on decorative books for the interior

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These are the most beautiful coffee table books

Coffee table books are available on all sorts of topics: fashion, design, interior and architecture, travel, food, philosophy … The books look most authentic in the home if the topics are chosen to suit personal hobbies and interests. We show the most beautiful books for every coffee table.

Coffee table books from the fashion sector

Fashion is art and we bring the touch of the catwalk home with these examples:

1. Chanel Coffee Table Book: The Little Book of Chanel

Even the cover exudes style: the illustrated book about the story of the fashion label Chanel describes the development of the brand, shows iconic designs over the years as well as detailed photographs of fashion and catwalks.

2. Chanel: Karl Lagerfeld – The campaigns

A separate coffee table book is made in this sense Dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld, who has enriched the fashion house as creative director since 1983. He was not only responsible for the collections as chief designer, but also designed and photographed advertising campaigns for Chanel.

The table book contains a selection of the pictures that Lagerfeld used for the Chanel– made advertising spreads and which shape the fashion label to this day.

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3. Peter Lindbergh: A different Version on Fashion Photography

Impressive inside and out: the coffee table book about the famous German fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh, who heralded the era of supermodels à la Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell with his photographs in 1989. It depicts over 400 of his impressive photographs, which shaped the understanding of fashion and female beauty around the world and thus went down in fashion history. The collection is complemented by prominent quotations.

4. The Ultimate Sneaker Book

Fashion and our feet are inconceivable without sneakers – there is a real hype about comfortable trend shoes. And that’s exactly what the illustrated book deals with – and shows the development and range of shoes from the classic Adidas-Treads to luxurious high-class sneakers.

On 650 pages there is insider knowledge, historical details and future prospects from the world of sneakers. The illustrated book is published by the Australian Simon Wood, publisher of the magazine “Sneaker Freaker”. The cover of the table book shimmers in metallic color. In terms of furnishings, it fits perfectly with the industrial style.

Tip: The book is not only interesting in your own home, but is also perfect as a gift to sneaker lovers!

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Furnishing, design and architecture: the most inspiring living books for the coffee table

What could be more decorative than books on interior and architecture? We show the most beautiful examples:

The work shows how modern architecture developed between the two world wars, dragging along with painting, sculpture, design, film, photography and even theater.

The Bauhaus movement was shaped by the School of Art and Design, founded by Walter Gropius (1883-1969). What made the movement stand out? A new understanding of the freedom of artistic expression, the connection between function and aesthetics and modern, avant-garde ideas. That makes this book a decorative essential not only for architectural offices!

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2. For the Love of White: The White and Neutral Home

The illustrated book continues with the effect and the simplicity of a white, monochrome color palette apart. The result is always clean, tidy, simple and very appealing to the eye.

The book shows how the style can be implemented most elegantly with every furnishing taste and shows the surprising versatility of white.

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Travel and culture: Bring the world into your home with Coffee Table Books

Often the wanderlust plagues you, but you can’t always just pack your suitcase and go. We are now bringing inspiring coffee table books into the living room and mentally creating our travel bucket list.

1. 36 Hours Europe – 130 travel destinations

Over 50 countries and their most important sights, world sites and masterpieces of art can be found in over 750 photos in the illustrated book of New York Times again. Bonus for all holiday-hungry people: 130 travel plans with practical, unusual and exciting recommendations from experts in diverse Europe.

2. The Louvre – all paintings

This beautiful 766-page coffee table book takes you on a mental journey to Paris and the city’s cultural treasures. While browsing, you discover the masterpieces of the Louvre – the largest, oldest and most visited museum in the world.

Mindfulness and Philosophy of Life: Table Books to Think About

Self-reflection, comfort and the focus on what is really important. There is a lot of food for thought in these decorative books:

1. The Kinfolk Table: Relax and cook together and enjoy

The Coffee Table Book for more mindfulness, deceleration and enjoyment: The Kinfolk Table shows delicious recipes, aesthetic food photography and tips for perfect hosts. Creative chefs from all over the world present their favorite recipes – it not only sounds delicious, but also looks good enough to eat on over 85 recipes and 380 pages.

Tip: The table book fits best in the kitchen – for example on a pretty shelf or on a sideboard.

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2. The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well

Must-have for everyone who lives in Scandinavia: The book describes the Danish attitude towards life “Hygge”, which means something like “comfort” or “security”, and shows how it can be applied to one’s own life.

In addition, the book looks magical and looks perfect on coffee tables (ideally made of wood, of course, entirely in the Scandinavian style).

This is how you integrate coffee table books into the interior

1. Unfolded on the coffee table

Lying on the table, unfolded as if one had just leafed through it, the books are particularly inviting.

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The most beautiful tables for the Coffee Table Book are here:

Coffee table books can be wonderfully combined – they look best when not just one, but three or five of the books are stacked. The ensemble becomes effective on side tables in the living room or in the bedroom as a small stack next to the bed.

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3. On sideboards and shelves

Even if it is practical – the beautiful table books do not have to be located in the immediate vicinity of the sofa and armchair. They also elegantly adorn sideboards in the hallway, kitchen or bedroom. And the decorative books also look pretty on the bar cart.

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4. Decorated with decorative objects

The table books also look casual and modern when there is space on top of decorative figures, vases (for example with a dried flower arrangement) or candles.

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This beautiful decoration makes coffee table books look even more exciting:

Coffee table books are of course not necessarily linked to a table – just as they are not linked to coffee. Instead, they are also classically decorative on a shelf. There they look nice when stacked or placed in front of each other.

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Not only a coffee table book belongs on these shelves: