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The Mobius Strip And Knowledge Sharing • Derek Cheshire

The Mobius Strip And Knowledge Sharing • Derek Cheshire

mobius strip

A big thank you to Dr Mobius.

For all those not acquainted with this strip it is technically a 1 dimensional floor (a mathematical build) not a 2 D object. To make your personal merely choose a strip of paper, put a half twist into it, and then tape or glue the finishes together.

Trace around one particular edge and you will locate your finger moves from within to outdoors. The exact same thing takes place when you adhere to a surface. This is why several conveyor belts have a 50 percent twist in them, it ensures that put on is even on both sides.

There are several interesting matters about the Mobius strip but in this article is one particular that is truly awesome. Attract a line down the center of the floor and then minimize along it. You will come across that you even now have a strip but you have released an further 2 half twists so there are now 3. The strip thus retains all of its first properties.

So what? The strip is a excellent metaphor for the dissemination of knowledge. The much more you distribute it about you discover that it does not drop its benefit and you, the supply, could even raise yours.

Hold it to on your own and the understanding has no benefit although you could increase your moi.

Imagine about it, sharing is fantastic, and never fail to remember to appear up all the cool issues you can do with a Mobius strip.

Let’s make your know-how do the job for you …