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The dream mechanic: Tanja Trautmann (54) repairs classic cars | Regional

Egestorf – Tattoos, dreams, great sledges! Egestorf is an important point on the map for classic car owners, this is where master mechanic Tanja Trautmann (54) has her workshop.

As a specialist in old and expensive treasures, she is known far beyond northern Germany’s borders. “We repair, recondition – only blunt replacement is not my thing.” In the past, Tanja looked after the cars of Bundesliga stars, in March 2020 she opened her own Emilia Auto Service.

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Endless passion: engine parts, belt drives and even a TÜV sticker with the year of her birth Tanja had her arms tattooed

Photo: Marcus Prell

“Of course I had concerns, but I really took off.” The word of expertise and reliability quickly got around! In her hall she ranks Mercedes 190 SL, Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, Fiat 500A Topolino next to Maserati Indy, Ferrari Testarossa and Lamborghini Espada.

Together with her employee Sascha (21) and a new apprentice, Tanja gets everything back up and running on 222 square meters, which is just older. “We switch and repair several cars in parallel. Interesting, but sometimes really exhausting. “It never gets boring:” We rarely do something twice, we are challenged anew every day. ”

The oldest and most expensive challenges: a 1936 Horch model and a Mercedes 300 SL convertible (worth around 1.4 million euros).

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Tanja and her employee Sascha (21) work on several cars in parallel – every car has its own problem, hardly any repairs are duplicated

Photo: Marcus Prell

Tanja’s heart is attached to English cars. “I learned English over 30 years ago, and that has an impact. I love her!”. And she loves her – exclusively male – customers. “There are the collectors and the dream-fillers.”

Tanja does everything for them: waits for weeks for spare parts from abroad, looks for what is hardly available anywhere in the world, keeps customers constantly up to date.

Screwing on treasures – an affair of the heart for Tanja.

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Real treasures: Tanja Trautmann specializes in vintage and sports cars

Photo: Marcus Prell