July 22, 2024


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Take your brand and business marketing to the next level

New newsroom trends offer so many opportunities to take business marketing to the next level, more freedom and scope than ever for PR or brand communications teams to publish whatever, however and whenever you want.

In the past many companies may have been content with a publishing diet of new corporate appointments, new account wins and awards announcements, and while these may still form a basis of sound reputation management, new newsroom trends offer so many more opportunities to take business marketing to the next level, more freedom and scope than ever to publish whatever, however and whenever you want.

How do new newsroom management trends benefit brands?

These days there’s no need for the brand communications journey to end on TV, YouTube or even social media. Consistency and credibility are key. Owning a newsroom allows marketing communicators and PR agencies end-to-end control over brand content strategy in the valuable business-to-business space, on behalf of the client companies and organisations they represent.

A newsroom on Bizcommunity is where PR and business marketing meet

A Press office newsroom acts as a company’s very own digital communications hub, instantly accessible by your PR and brand communications teams to be able to publish, monitor, track and archive communications as frequently as necessary, with quick turnaround in a high-traffic business marketing environment.

“Biz Press Office newsrooms are a must for seamlessly extending the life of brand campaigns into the business media.”

The press release is still king, but best outcomes now see marketers and brand managers seamlessly and creatively mixing and matching content, integrating brand stories and backstories, ad campaigns, video and stakeholders into the marketing communications calendar.

“Gone are the days when the online newsroom simply hosted press releases.”

10 benefits of owning a Press Office newsroom on Bizcommunity:

  1. Your content published on the biggest marketing and advertising platform in Africa
  2. A huge amount of additional knock-on awareness
  3. Value worth many times the amount you pay per press release in exposure
  4. Control of your content to publish whatever and whenever you like
  5. No need to wander or wonder how your content is impacting, easily login to stats and share your great content analytics with stakeholders and clients
  6. Exposure on Bizcommunity adds currency to global awards pitches and agency credentials
  7. Credibility of exposure in the business-to-business media
  8. Gives your brand longevity and adds to its virality
  9. Gets picked up by media, bloggers and tweeters and these may be used in post-campaign case studies and social posts
  10. Newsroom visits on Biz can reach 3000-5000 visits per month

“Unlike other channels, Press Office newsrooms on Bizcommunity are an owned asset for brands, the place where PR or brand communications teams can communicate whatever, however and whenever they want, allowing more freedom and scope than ever before to really tell their stories.” Terry Levin, Bizcommunity brand manager.

A few recent examples of brand stakeholder communications in newsrooms on Biz were Mazda CX-30 ‘You’d swear it was made for you’, Savanna flighting spots featuring SA’s top comedians to drive home their ‘Deadly Serious’ campaign for Arrive Alive; and Nahana Communications Group sharing FCB’s campaign for Toyota’s Agya for first time car buyers. The very raison d’etre of brand content now.

Multi-brand, multi-region, multi-media

The Biz Press Office allows the showcasing of multiple brands or marques in the brand stable under one newsroom. Companies with a global or pan-African footprint, may also wish to publish news by region via multi-brand Press Office newsrooms. Also enquire about sponsored multimedia stakeholder interviews!

We invite you to find out more about the use of a Biz Press Office newsroom on the indispensable platform for the sharing of company news, brand marketing, brand communications and advertising, within 19 industry communities, from Africa, to the world.

We absolutely love talking brand content strategy. Contact us to take your brand communications to the next level. [email protected]

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Take your brand and business marketing to the next level

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