Processed food is any food item that has been canned, cooked, frozen, pasteurized, or packaged. You can enjoy many processed foods, including canned vegetables, frozen fruits, and pasteurized dairy products, as part of a healthy diet. However, some highly processed items are loaded with salt, sugar, additives, and preservatives, which […]

Restaurant marketing is important today more than ever. What’s more, effective marketing techniques can include digital and older strategies. Consider the fact that American restaurant industry sales reached about $800 billion in 2017. How do Restaurants do Marketing? Good restaurant marketing requires constant effort. Every small business owner needs a […]

Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is a progressive condition. The treatment will change over time, and you’ll want a good team on your side to help you manage. Your ADPKD care will involve a variety of health practitioners who will support you in managing the condition. Management can include […]