Starting this 2021-2022 school year, TEALS, a Microsoft Philanthropies program that helps high schools develop and grow inclusive and sustainable computer science programs, will operate in four Ciudad Juarez high schools and reach approximately 160 students. Over the next five years, the program will expand to 12 additional high schools […]

“What’s past is prologue.”—Shakespeare, “The Tempest” “History is more or less bunk.”—Henry Ford Like the disputants in the old Certs commercial, they’re both right. The law of intellectual property relating to artificial intelligence and its products is both already established in the existing law, and will have to be invented […]

“As we continue to offer more personalized plans, diversifying our menu is extremely important to both our brand and our customers,” said Sharon Tate, senior vice president of product management and strategic sourcing, Nutrisystem. “Our new menu items give customers the foods and flavors they love in the right portions […]