July 22, 2024


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Store of the day: Sinn opens Redstore in Dortmund

The re-opening festival at Sinn continues: Now the 2nd season concept Redstore has opened its doors in the former Kaufhof on Westenhellweg in Dortmund – with a Covid test center at the entrance. And shortly afterwards, on Tuesday, the Sinn branch No. 33 opened in Gütersloh.

The store in Dortmund should be more than a normal outlet, announces the chain from Hagen in Westphalia. The initially 2500m² store looks more like a classic multichannel shop, but not like a leftover ramp.

The aim is to “offer the brands in a form that corresponds to the value of the items on offer,” says purchasing manager Susanne Straus. “There will be no rummaging tables or overflowing stands and shelves.” The products are presented by 32 employees, mainly according to brand, some on wholesale space. However, there is not the usual order of sizes based on many other outlet concepts, regardless of the label. As usual, the Sinn team largely took the renovation into their own hands.

Store of the day spring 2021: Sinn Redstore in Dortmund

“Many brands were immediately ready to join our concept,” says Sinn boss Friedrich-Wilhelm Göbel. Fashion – womenswear, menswear, lingerie – is sold by around 100 brands with discounts of up to 50%. According to Sinn, these are goods developed for 2020 that have barely or not at all reached the store due to the shutdowns.

Opus and Someday are there as well as Toni, Zerres, Angels, Street One or Rabe, in menswear Brax, Meyer, Alberto, Bugatti, Timezone, Lerros, Esprit, Roy Robson and CG. In the lingerie department you can find Triumph or Lascana, for example. “Strong brands, strong prices” is the company’s slogan.

Expansion possible

If the Redstore is going well, the area will be expanded to the first floor from August. So far it looks good: “Our sales expectations were clearly exceeded”, says Göbel after the first days of operation.
At the end of 2022, however, it should be over for Sinn in the former Kaufhof, when the owner wants to do a major renovation. However, the fashion chain would like to stay in Dortmund, “the most important shopping city in the Ruhr area”, and is planning a 6000m² store in the city from 2023 onwards.

“The Ruhr area is a land of sense,” says Uwe Ketelsen, the manager at Westenhellweg. “Our focus on a personal relationship with customers stands out from the self-service models of many competitors.” Until 1999, Sinn – at that time still SinnLeffers – was already represented in Dortmund.

Opening also in Gütersloh

Away from the Ruhr area, in Gütersloh in East Westphalia, another Sinn branch opened on Tuesday with a slight delay due to corona, but with a classic concept. Before the renovation, Karstadt was represented on the 4400m² at the central Berliner Platz. 40 Sinn employees are now presenting 120 brands from the areas of womenswear, menswear and lingerie.

As in Dortmund, customers can have Covid tests carried out free of charge in the citizen test center at the entrance and receive the corresponding certificate. Sinn offers this option in more than 20 of its branches.