June 18, 2024


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Royal Family Favorite Foods: Waffles, Curry & More

When you are the Queen of England, you never have to cook your own food. And, perhaps it’s safe to assume, you get to eat pretty much anything you want. These are two big perks of being in the job that make us commoners entirely too jealous of the entire royal family. Imagine if you could just have an amazing chef cook up whatever you wanted at a moment’s notice. What would you eat? What would your favorite foods be? What could the royals’ favorite foods be since they have access to basically everything?

Queen Elizabeth and her royal brood are known to enjoy spending time together and partaking of a good meal or two. Whether they’re all hunkered down together for Christmas at Sandringham Estate or spending their summer holiday walking around the Scottish hills of Balmoral Castle, they’re bound to be eating some pretty delicious food. The Queen herself is known to have a bit of a sweet tooth, so you better believe they’re having some good desserts along with their after dinner cocktails.

As for the rest of the royal family… they seem to enjoy a mixed bag of delicacies with some surprising favorites. Even the kids.

The Queen Of Cakes

Owen Humphreys – PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Darren McGrady, former chef at Buckingham Palace, told the British Heritage website that Queen Elizabeth has one particular dessert she’ll ask for again and again. A chocolate biscuit cake.

“Now the chocolate biscuit bake is the only cake that goes back again and again and again everyday until it’s all gone,” he told the outlet.

Let Them Eat Steak

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McGrady told Hello! that the Queen loves a Gaelic steak, which is a filet steak topped with a mushroom whiskey sauce, for her royal dinner. Sounds delicious.

Prince Charles Is A Good Egg

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Dinner Gets Fancy

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Prince Charles’ breakfast might be simple, but when it comes to his dinner he likes to go all out. His favorite dinner is a wild mushroom risotto with lamb, and he likes to ensure the mushrooms were grown on his own estate, according to Darren McGrady. So don’t try to order that in a restaurant because you won’t get it.

William’s Curry In A Hurry

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Prince William loves a bit of spice to his food, and really favors a chicken tikka masala as his curry of choice. “Chicken masala, love that, a bit of flavor — I’m not a vindaloo man put it that way,” NDTV Food reported he once said. He apparently loves it so much that he’s even used it as a topping for his pizza.

Just Like Granny

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Kate’s Eclectic Taste

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When Kate Middleton joined the royal family in 2011, it seems she brought a more eclectic taste to the table. She has a fondness for watermelon salad, ceviche, and sushi, per Hello!, and shares her husband’s love for a spicy curry. In fact, she reportedly likes her curry a bit spicier than Prince William’s. Not that it’s a competition.

Keeping It Healthy Between Meals

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While she’s not opposed to a treat here and there, Middleton reportedly snacks on healthy fruits like goji berries and mango if she’s peckish between meals, Hello! reported.

Harry’s Favorite Takeout

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Prince Harry has reportedly embraced one fast food chain since moving to California; In’N’Out Burger. Entertainment Weekly reported that he and Meghan Markle have been spotted going through the drive thru for burgers and shakes several times, meaning he really has found his freedom on a deep level.

A Banana Lover From Way Back

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Ever since he was a little boy, Prince Harry has had a penchant for all things banana. And lucky for him, he married Meghan Markle, who reportedly has an outstanding recipe for banana bread that includes ginger and chocolate chips.

A Breakfast Foodie Joins The Party

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Meghan Markle is arguably the real foodie of the royal family, even penning a bestselling charity cookbook during her brief time in London. She’s a big fan of keeping things healthy but flavorful, particularly when it comes to her breakfast. Markle orders avocado toast topped with a poached eggs when traveling, loves oatmeal and acai bowls full of fresh berries. It’s a good thing she’s starting the day off healthy since she doesn’t really drink coffee.

Romantic Roast Chicken

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I don’t know exactly what Meghan Markle puts in her roast chicken, but that’s what she was cooking the night Prince Harry proposed in 2017. I’m guessing it was pretty spectacular.

The Royal Pasta Eater

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Prince George loves pasta, according to his parents, and even has a particular favorite. Prince William revealed in December that his oldest son’s favorite meal is spaghetti carbonara, a dish made with real egg, hard cheese, black pepper, and cured pork. Fancy!

Charlotte’s Comfort Food Classic

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Much like her big brother, Princess Charlotte loves Italian food. But she goes in for a classic kid’s favorite that’s more comfort food than fine dining, even getting messy in the kitchen to make it herself with her mom’s help. She likes a homemade pizza, and no one can blame her.

Louis’ Love Of The Garden

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Now here’s an interesting choice for a favorite dish. Kate Middleton once said that her youngest son Prince Louis is very partial to beetroot. The vegetable. Impressive. I guess he’s never heard of chocolate.

Archie’s Royal Waffles

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Meghan Markle’s 2-year-old son Archie is following in his breakfast-loving mom’s footsteps. Prince Harry said that he loves waffles so much Queen Elizabeth sent him a waffle maker for Christmas. That’s the gift that keeps on giving.