May 18, 2024


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Review: Fabriano Black Black Drawing Paper (300gsm)

Nope, there is no typo. This paper is called the Fabriano Black Black.

In accordance to Fabriano:

Fabriano Black Black is a assortment of uncoated cardboards manufactured of ECF cellulose pulp. This paper is characterised by a really deep black color because of to the high high quality and lightfast pigments applied for its generation.

The paper can be employed for pastel, color pencils, markers, passe-partout and portfolio displays.

Paper pounds obtainable are 300, 370, 460 and 680 gsm.

The paper is accessible as sheets measuring 50 x 70cm, and as pads glued on a single aspect with these measurement alternatives: 20×20 cm, 21×29.7 cm (A4), 24×32 cm, 29,7×42 cm (A3) and 42×59.4 cm (A2).

This is my 1st time drawing on black paper and the believed course of action is extremely unique from drawing or portray on white paper. You can see with this sketch I am however working with my regular line drawing style. I’ve made use of colored pencils and Zig pigment markers for this sketch.

The paper has easy good grain texture and performs perfectly with coloured pencils, opaque inks and markers.

If your pencils or inks are not opaque ample, the black of the paper will nevertheless show by way of. The black, as the name of the product or service implies, is black black.

This is not watercolour paper so it is really not able to take soaked media. Black watercolour paper does exists, such as Stonehenge Aqua Black and Somerset Black Velvet Paper. So get the appropriate paper for the media you use.

Fabriano Black Black is superior for dry media and opaque markers.

If you are looking for black drawing paper, the Fabriano Black Black is great and quite fulfilling to draw on. Pricing is really affordable way too. At time of evaluate, it is really US $9.82 for a 9 x 12-inch pad with 20 sheets on Blick Art Components.

By the way, there is certainly also Fabriano White White paper way too. lol. Can not hold out for them to come up with Product Cream and Brown Brown.


You can discover the paper on Jackson’s Artwork (Uk) and Blick Art Elements.