July 13, 2024


Built General Tough

Providence drama teacher agrees with computer science class

Providence — Glenn Zienowicz does more than just teach junior high school students how to perform. He teaches them how to fly.

Known as Zin, Zienowicz encouraged Nathan Bishop Middle School students to reach deep into the adolescent soul and create college-level performance. Parents and students say that everything he touches, such as costumes, sets, and lights, turns into magic.

But this fall, Ginovic is gone, his drama lessons are electives, computer science is being introduced instead, and demand is rising, according to the school district. The drama club will continue after school, but parents and students say the drama wouldn’t change without him.

The district promises that its beloved theater club will continue to thrive.

“Nathan Bishop is committed to continuing its acclaimed after-school theater program and is beginning to contact community partners to engage in this work next year,” a spokeswoman for Providence Public School said. Spokesperson Audrey Lucas said.

But parents and teachers are thinking differently.

“If the school eliminates Glen, so does the club,” said Donna Perotta, a former English teacher who worked with Ginovic. “When thinking about a great school, the foundation is always art. He is real.”