May 24, 2024


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Pratt Home Improvement faces labor shortage yet provides quality service

Eric Nystrom shows off carpet samples.

Over the past couple of years, there has been a skilled labor shortage in Pratt, and Eric Nystrom, the owner of the Pratt Home Improvement store, has had to deal with this issue, like many Pratt businesses.

“This is our biggest challenge we haven’t overcome yet,” Nystrom said. “Finding good help and hard workers had not been easy.”

The PHI store, located on 114 N Main St., is a full-service flooring store that, according to Nystrom, makes their customers their top priority with expert knowledge to help people any way they can. They make sure their customers are always satisfied with their experience before leaving. 

“I spent three years as city commissioner and three years as mayor,” Nystrom said. “I know Pratt and it helps me better serve the customers who come through the door.”

As far as how the COVID-19 pandemic affected his businesses Nystrom said he and his staff didn’t pay attention to it.

“We just come to work and do our jobs,” he said.

That demonstration of commitment to customers by Nystrom and his employees has led to success despite the difficulties of the times.

Eric Nystrom puts padding back on the shelf.

“Living in a small town creates a more positive atmosphere even during the pandemic because we know our customers personally,” he said. “The pandemic hasn’t dampened the mood at all and it hasn’t hurt the business.”

Nystrom said core company values is what had made PHI a success.

“Our motto is the customer is number one, and you have to take care of the customer,” he said. “Our goal is to just grow the business, and you can only do that with good customer service.” 

Unique to Pratt Home Improvement is the ability to offer a full spectrum of home improvement service from design to installation. This is a helpful for the customer, and good for a flooring business. 

Ginny Nystrom sits behind the front desk.

If interested in visiting, find Pratt Home Improvement at 114 N Main St., or call them at 620-672-3315 to schedule a professional consultation.