April 16, 2024


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Over 5 million yen down! The future of edgy hybrid cars seen in the VW “XL1” concept car | VAGUE | Verg

What kind of vehicle is VW’s crystal “XL1”?

This time, I would like to introduce a rare model that was sold at the Silverstone Auction in the UK, but full of fuel-efficient technology at that time.

The Silverstone Auction, as the name implies, is an auctioneer that holds auctions several times a year at the Silverstone Circuit in the UK.

Since there is an exclusive contract for the car auction with the circuit, at the Silverstone Classic, which is known as the world’s largest classic motor racing festival, an auction that collects exhibited cars every time around the world Will be held.

Although the new car price was over 10 million yen at the time of 2014, the bid price of about 60% at the auction was VW XL1 (C) SILVERSTONE AUCTIONS

What is distinctive is that the exhibited vehicles are not limited to classic cars and that they are not concentrated on expensive brands. That’s why the auction here is always exciting.

Among them, what I paid attention to this time was the “XL1” that was born as a result of VW’s continued active development towards production in the 2000s and 2010s.

The first prototype, the 1L concept car, was announced in 2002. It was a model equipped with a 300cc displacement, 1-cylinder diesel engine, and proved that it can run 100km with 0.99 liters of fuel (101km/L) in combination with a 6-speed MT.

After that, in 2009, the further evolved prototype “L1” was manufactured with a power unit called 800cc inline 2-cylinder turbo diesel + electric motor, which has a fuel efficiency of 0.9L/100km (111km/L) and 158km/ It also succeeded in recording the highest speed of h.

In 2011, the prototype third model was announced at the Qatar Motor Show in the Middle East: the XL1, also known as the Super Efficient Vehicle (SEV).

The fuel economy performance was 0.9L/100km, which was unchanged, but the installed 800cc inline 2-cylinder turbo diesel engine boasts a maximum output of 47ps and a maximum torque of 100Nm, and is also combined with a plug-in hybrid system.