July 19, 2024


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New NJ legal weed law has some serious problems

It’s typical Murphy to mess up, complicate and ruin New Jersey law and order. He stalled and stalled in signing a legal marijuana bill until he came up with something he could virtue signal to minorities with. The Legislature finally gave in to get it signed and got the law enacted.

Most of us who’ve been a proponent of decriminalizing marijuana were motivated by a pursuit of liberty, freedom and justice. Justice for all. Murphy is pushing this as a social justice play, implying that people of color are more impacted by drug laws that others. Ask anybody of ANY background how drug arrests for simple possession screwed up their life and career potential. But in his usual pandering fashion, he’s pushing this as a champion for social justice.

But what did his tweaks in the law produce? An almost impossible position for law enforcement when it comes to underage violators for both weed and alcohol. The law doesn’t even allow for a notification to parents when the first violation occurs.

According to the New Jersey State PBA, “The law as it stands criminalizes any response or investigation by a police officer for illegal use by juveniles by detaining someone ‘for a longer period beyond the extent required’ to issue a ‘warning or write-up’. This statute adds so much guess work and uncertainty that we would advise our members throughout the state to take no law enforcement action regarding marijuana or alcohol use by any party in the state.”

It further ties officers’ hands in that they can’t even ask the age of the user if they suspect weed is being used and the officer is subject to a charge of deprivation of civil rights and faces 3-5 years in prison, a $15,000 fine, or both. That’s according to the New Jersey State PBA, which want immediate changes to the newly signed law.

The average New Jersey citizen just wants liberty, the Legislature just wants the tax money and Murphy just want power and glory. Agree or disagree with the legalization of recreational marijuana, we can all agree that Murphy, in his guilty, white, millionaire progressive, pandering way, has screwed up another aspect of Jersey life.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis’s own.

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