June 23, 2024


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NetBlaze Launches Digital Marketing App

The most important element of managing a small business is one that can fall through the cracks. Marketing.

Small business owners need a many-pegged rack to hold all their hats. Hiring employees, stocking supplies, tracking monies in and out, paying utilities and oh yeah, marketing. Marketing is an important aspect of small business management. But many owners don’t have the time or resources to devote to it.

Customer relationship management, social media management, reputation management and SEO to maximize online presence – don’t you wish you could handle all of that? Well, now you can. NetBlaze has launched an App that organizes those four components of a digital marketing plan. For more info, visit here.

NetBlaze Creates a One-Stop Marketing App

The new App brings NetBlaze’s low-cost, one-stop-shop digital marketing services to a simple platform. NetBlaze’s new app, for desktop and mobile, simplifies marketing management. The new App is very user-friendly, with an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

“In order to survive and thrive, a small business owner has to accomplish many things,” said Steve Clayton, CEO and co-founder of NetBlaze. NetBlaze is a national digital marketing solutions company for small businesses. “Arguably, the most important things are revenue maintenance and growth.”

Clayton said that small businesses need three things: new customers, retention of existing customers and growth of revenue from new and existing customers.

“The best way to achieve those things is though a comprehensive marketing plan,” he said, then added, “the biggest impact is with a digital marketing plan.” 

How Does the NetBlaze App Work?

The App takes four identified areas of marketing and maintains those on a dashboard.

“The Dashboard represents a one-stop shop where small businesses can be assured that all the important digital marketing efforts are being addressed and measured effectively,” Clayton explained. “It allows them to stop worrying about what they should or shouldn’t be doing and gives them the comfort that things are being done well.”

Here’s are some advantages:

  • Through the digital marketing efforts, a new customer discovers the business.
  • Existing customers can maintain contact and satisfaction.
  • Marketing can be ongoing using the existing customer base.

How are those things managed? NetBlaze’s SEO and reputation management help new customers not only find a business but select it. Through social media management (focusing on FB), keeps a business on the minds of customers. The customer relationship management (CRM) system provides ongoing communication with existing customers.

Cost and Value Comparison

The cost for NetBlaze is $297 monthly. Clayton said the dollars spent on the NetBlaze App are justified, because creating management for digital marketing contributes directly to a business’s bottom line.

“No small business owner can do everything that’s available to them in today world of digital marketing,” Clayton said. “The dashboard and supporting software create one place for the business owner to manage the critical components of marketing.”

“We understand that small business owners are stretched thinly, especially right now,” he added. “They face unprecedented challenges – such as trying to plan and execute a digital marketing strategy while navigating the most challenging and evolving landscape they’re likely to see in their lifetimes.”

Details of the New NetBlaze App

Customer Relationship Management

Clients can upload their entire current customer list the to platform. Promotions can be pushed out via email or text.

Social Media Management

NetBlaze will draft 12 pieces of social medial per content month, to be shared across social platforms.

Reputation Management

Customers can sync all their user review platforms, such as Yelp and Google ratings. They will review instant notification when a new review is shared.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Each customer gets a tailored SEO optimization plan, broken down by four months, which gradually improves their rankings.

Service & Assistance

Clients can chat directly with the NetBlaze service team.

“We worked to identify the most critical components of a small business owner’s digital marketing strategy and develop an App that takes out all the guess work,” Clayton said. “Our goal is to take care of digital marketing efforts so that our clients can get back to doing what they do best – managing one of the small businesses that are so critical to our national economy.”

Image: netblaze.com