April 12, 2024


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Most expensive classic car: $ 29.7 million for a Mercedes W196

Bochum. A Mercedes W196 Silver Arrow from 1954 was the most expensive classic car last year: the racing car achieved a price of 29.7 million US dollars (21.8 million euros) at auction and has since been officially the most expensive car in the world, shares the market watcher Classic Tax in Bochum. The total price of the ten cars that were sold for the most money at auctions in 2013 reached a new record high: it was $ 122 million (€ 89.5 million). In 2012 it was almost $ 86 million (around 63.1 million euros).

In terms of price just behind the Mercedes in second place is a Ferrari 275 GTB / 4 NART Spyder from 1967, which changed hands for 27.5 million dollars (20.2 million euros). According to Classic Tax, the two most expensive vehicles sold alone make up almost half of the total price of the top ten cars at around $ 58 million. Ferrari is represented a total of six times on the list and occupies places two to five.

Among the ten most expensive cars traded in 2013 were not all classic cars: A 1997 McLaren F1 achieved around $ 8.5 million (6.2 million euros) at auction and ended up in seventh place. (dpa / gem)