July 16, 2024


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Michigan’s Favorite Super Bowl Food

Even if you know nothing about football, you still have a favorite Super Bowl food. The only thing I know about football is someone tries to score a touchdown. The only reason I show up to Super Bowl parties is for the food, the commercials and the half time show.

Delish.com rolled out this map of every states favorite Super Bowl food and I don’t know where the information came from, but I think this is a bunch of bologna.

There isn’t a single state that has their favorite food as chicken wings. How is that possible when we’re expected to eat 1.42 billion wings this upcoming weekend?

Apparently Michigan’s favorite big game food is football cookies. Like I said before, I know nothing about football. So, the only thing I pay attention to is the food and I have never been to a Super Bowl party in Michigan and witnessed a bunch of people munching on football cookies. Have you? Am I crazy?

You can’t tell me that Texans and Floridians are over here eating cake while watching the game. I refuse to believe it. I never went to a Super Bowl party in Florida, but I did go to several University of Florida tailgates and cake was never served. You know what they do have? Beer. And I’ve never heard someone say “You know what would go great with my beer? A piece of cake.”

The only states I believe are the ones who said 7 layer dip, spinach dip and buffalo chicken dip being their favorite. What’s a party without any of those? A bad one.

What’s your favorite Super Bowl food? If you say football cookies, we’re gonna have a problem. I’m kidding. Download the app and send us a message!

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