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Metasaga | Creative STAR Learning

Metasaga | Creative STAR Learning

Metasaga is a beautiful framework for interpreting and revisiting a familiar local environment for children and adults of all ages. It was developed by Kate Coutts in the early Noughties. Basically the approach aims to promote discussion and create links and understanding between people’s lives and the place that they live. It uses real objects and activities as a metaphor for personal discovery. It works well in built or natural environments. It works best in a local place that children and young people can easily return to.

Kate developed the concept on a leadership course, so in the video below, the questions relate more to issues around leadership. However it does expand upon the principles.

The Metasaga blogpost explains the framework in a little more detail too. The structure of a metasaga is simple and it’s worth practising this beforehand before trying it with your children or a whole class. It is based upon considering in order:

Place – Values – Questions – Task – Music

Metasagas can be created for any place and any topic, theme or interest. They can be fact or fiction! In some respects the process reminds me of De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats in that once you have the concept, it is simple and flexible enough to be adapted and really helps with critical thinking outdoors. Try it and see what you think!

This blog post was originally publishing in October 2010.