May 27, 2024


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Matching jewelry to skin tone colors!

How to choose jewelry that suits your skin tone in 2020 – Atelier LAF  Montreal

Matching patterns or colors in clothing is fundamental, and often when one makes sure all their garments fit, a sense of confidence is there. Now matching jewelry to that outfit is just as important because it is like putting all the puzzle pieces together! Jewelry is the perfect accessory to add to any outfit. However, one does not wear a jewelry item that can clash with an outfit; in the same way, one must not wear jewelry that can conflict with their skin tone. Looking at various things in shops or on websites like verlas is a great way to expose one to the different types of jewelry. In addition, reading stuff like reviews about clothing stores for men provides one with objective opinions on good jewelry stores to shop at.  

More about skin tones and undertones!

Just as many people from all walks of life have different beliefs and languages, so do they all have various skin colors and tones. Skin tone refers to the skin color on the surface. The four primary skin tones are light, fair, medium, and deep (also known as dark). Skin tone results from how much melanin is present in one’s skin. The undertone of one’s skin refers to the subtle hue color underneath the surface. There are three types of skin undertone; warm, relaxed, and neutral. A quick way to determine one’s undertone is with a piece of paper. The undertone is considered cool if one’s skin appears pink next to the blank piece of white paper. If one appears more yellow, they have a warm undertone. Before looking at what type of jewelry works with what skin tone, it is crucial to identify what skin tone one has. One of the most common ways to identify what skin tone one has is to look at the color of the skin along the jawline. Once it is washed, stand in natural light and determine if the skin appears light, medium, or dark. After that, use that as a guide to finding the perfect jewelry.

Which metal matches my skin tone?

Once one has narrowed down what type of skin tone one has, choosing jewelry to suit one’s skin color will be more accessible. For example, if one has a cool undertone, one looks nice in lighter or white metal types, such as silver, platinum, or white gold. On the other hand, if one has a warmer skin tone, gold, copper, brass, and more yellow-colored jewelry suits this skin tone very well. Lastly, both white and gold metals can be flattering if one has a neutral skin tone. Remember, one can keep the jewelry color and metal intact by cleaning it. 

Pay attention to the finer details!

Once the type of metal is chosen, the amount of bling, detail, and size of the jewelry item depends on the person and their personality. Choosing something that makes you feel comfortable and confident is essential regardless of the item style you pick. However, it is essential to remember that small details make a significant impact, so if you think something such as the metal color of the necklace will not make a difference, give it a try and be pleasantly surprised at the outcome!