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Marriott International: W Rome opens in October 2021

Mariott International will open W Rome in the Italian capital in October 2021. The real estate company Omnam Group developed the hotel in collaboration with the design firm Meyer Davis. The interior design takes up the colors and patterns of Italy and is intended to create a unique interpretation of tradition and modernity.

the Mariott International brand W Hotels Worldwide opens a new hotel in Italy’s capital. That W Rome extends over two neighboring buildings from the 19th century on Via Liguria and houses 162 guest rooms and suites. It is close to the Spanish Steps and the boutiques of Via Condotti.

Architecture and interior design of the historic palazzo are supposed to Reflect Rome’s history and culture and bring out the character of Italy with different fabrics, structures and surfaces. According to the company, the Italian glamor of the 1970s pervades the buildings, with the traditional architecture with color blocking and graphic patterns in various gradations is complemented by orange, red and green tones. Colorful furniture meets stone walls that refer to the history of the building, while reflective surfaces in the house create a modern flair. “We were inspired by the multi-layered history of the city and built our storytelling from the incredible collage of cultures and influences – from ancient times to modern times,” says Will Meyer, co-founder of Meyer Davis.

Marble floors and a “secret garden”

The guests will welcomed in the “W Living Room”, which is equipped with a skylight and a window made of patterned glass. Black and gray marble floors run through the entire room with its lots of seating including sculptural works of art. According to the hotel, a mural painted by the Italian artist Costanza Alvarez de Castro is inspired by Roman gardens and invites you to explore. It is meant to tell the story of the geography of the destination. A digital gallery screen next to it shows pictures of Rome, which change as soon as a guest enters the room.

At the heart of the “W Lounge Bar” there are curved, reflective mirrors and a granite counter. The floor of the lounge is covered with a large marble mosaic that is said to be inspired by Italian fashion. Lighting panels throughout the room should create a light effect on the ceiling that enhances the atmosphere in the room from daylight to night changes.

The transitions between public and private spaces are fluid throughout the house. For example, a hidden door in the public bathroom leads to the “Parlapiano”, a “secret” garden. With “Kissing Bank”, lush foliage with shaped cut and water fountains, this area is intended to offer a quiet retreat within the hotel. According to the company, the garden is inspired by the stone church Borromini.

The secret garden in the inner courtyard of Hotel W Rome.
The “Parlapiano”, a “secret” garden – inspired by the stone church Borromini. (Image: Marriott International)

View of the “Eternal City”

The design of the rooms and suites should ensure that guests feel like in your own city apartment and are decorated with dark oak doors, herringbone wooden floors, marble and brass decorations. According to the hotel, local materials were used. the Wine-red, floor-to-ceiling velvet curtains on the windows should give the rooms a special luxury. Some of the guest rooms also have private balconies and terraces with views of the city, including the landmark “Istituto Svizzero”.

the “Extreme WOW Suites” should with their city gardens and terraces enable separate living indoors and outdoors. According to the hotel, historical Roman architectural elements were combined with modern technology and bespoke furniture when furnishing the suites.

the Roof terrace includes the “Wet Deck” and the Rooftop Bar “Otto”. In the Rooftop Bar, guests can now relax on large sofas in a lounge-like seating area, which will be surrounded by lemon trees and green walls. The pool is with blue and white “Gio Ponti tiles” designed. According to their own statements, this area for adults is designed to create a sociable and at the same time relaxed feeling.

The restaurant

That “Giano” restaurant has an indoor and an outdoor room, a floor paved with stone patterns, dark wooden walls, velvet sofas and plants. Chef Ciccio Sultano should bring his Sicilian vein into the food of the restaurant. He is driven by a passion for taste and the combination of traditional Italian ingredients.