April 22, 2024


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Lily Melrose – UK Style and Fashion Blog: Goddess Skin Clay Mask

Lily Melrose - UK Style and Fashion Blog: Goddess Skin Clay Mask

When I hear the term clay in the context of a face mask I believe a dim gray charcoal style mud mask. You know the kinds, these ones that are super drying, designed to suck all the nastiness out of the pores and skin and dry up places. Types that leave your pores and skin experience a very little restricted but that is how you know its performed a thing. So that is what I was thinking when I decided to slap on some of the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask on 1 exceptionally hot summer months evening whilst watching pretty quite possibly my most loved film ever The Status.( Seriously look at it. Christian Bale has a cockney accent in it!)

I applied it with my fingers, and remaining it for what I can only describe as “a little bit”, probably longer than I was meant to but I was just waiting for the minute in the movie wherever I understood nothing essential was gonna take place to give me ample time to clean it off, for the reason that I have in reality viewed this movie about 100 occasions.

When I rinsed it off I was shocked to comprehend my skin felt smoother, plumper and by some means CLEANER than its at any time felt just before. Like the variety of clean up that will make you touch your face and be like, hold out is it Constantly meant to come to feel like that? I could pretty much see the difference in my skin, and this was even in shitty bathroom lights at 10pm. Pores tightened? Yup. Pores and skin lifted? Well, it truly is no facelift but it definitely seemed plumper! Newborn soft? Its been a even though because I’ve been a newborn but hell yeah it was toddler-tender. To the point, I kept touching it above and about once more currently being like “Wow!”, I even produced my housemate contact my experience which was probs pretty creepy thinking of I’ve not known him that extended.

I never like to rave about goods but this things blew me absent. Like actually it wasn’t what I was anticipating at all and the results were just crazy. My skin even the upcoming day felt brighter and plumper and just as smooth. I could think about this would be great prior to a night out to truly prep the skin or for a day wherever you wanna wear nominal makeup. So yeah, if you wanna know if I endorse this then, hell yeah. I do. It is great and completely unforeseen. Goddamit Charlotte, is there something you CANT do?

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