April 18, 2024


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Leica SL2-S: Images and specifications from new full-frame camera leaked

New camera from Leica on the approach: The upcoming Leica SL2-S is not only intended for photographers, but also for videographers.

Leica SL2-S on approach

As early as October 2020, there were signs that Leica had a new camera in the making with the SL2-S, which, among other things, should appeal to video creators. Now the new full-frame camera seems to be about to be officially presented, at least in the last few days pictures and technical data have been posted on the well-known website Nokishita leaked.

Among other things, Nokishita has posted an excerpt from the press release on the Leica SL2-S, in which the camera is described as the ideal tool “for photographers and videographers”. The camera should convince both in the photo and in the video area with an outstanding quality and also score in the low-light area.

Leaked technical data of the SL2-S

A look at the technical data reveals that Leica would like to equip the SL2-S with a newly developed 24-megapixel full-frame sensor (CMOS, back-exposed). The sensor will cover an ISO range up to ISO 100,000 and be movably mounted. So you can look forward to a 5-axis image stabilizer, which should apparently allow exposure times up to 5.5 f-stops. In addition, Leica will probably also offer a pixel shift mode in which several individual images can be combined to form an image with a resolution of 96 megapixels.

In the video sector, the Leica SL2-S should convince with 4K at 10-bit and 4: 2: 2 or Cinema-4K at 10-bit and 4: 2: 2. In addition, Leica L-Log should also be available. Further technical data of the full-frame camera will include a series image speed of 25 frames per second, a weight of 931 grams and dimensions of 146 x 107 x 83mm. In terms of price, the SL2-S is said to be in the range of just under $ 5,000, making it a little cheaper than the current Leica SL2.

The leaked images

Finally, here are the leaked pictures of the Leica SL2-S: