July 14, 2024


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KS community launches program to help residents with home improvement | KSNF/KODE

COLUMBUS, Ks. — One Kansas community is helping its residents improve their homes.

Residents in Columbus will soon be reimbursed for home improvements. Last night the Columbus City Council approved an exterior home improvement program. Residents say they’re excited for future projects.

Anita Davolt, Homeowner, said, “Especially with the covid outbreak now. People don’t have money to do improvements so this would be an incentive to help them out. I think its wonderful.”

Monday night the Columbus City Council passed an exterior home improvement micro grant program. Residents can apply and once approved — they will get reimbursed for half the cost of their projects — up to $500.

Jacob Letner, Community Development Coordinator for City of Columbus, said, “Its hard times for a lot of people out there. You hear about job loss and the national economic downturn this is just a small way that I think we can give back to our residents. I think it benefits our residents, our city and I think everyone wins through this program.”

This program is a way to increase property value.

“I think the city benefits because if your property looks nice it has a tendency to have a positive effect on neighboring property values as well. I think its one small way to help folks out in a time of need.”

The grants will cover outdoor home projects including siding, painting, gutters or a roof. All applications will be presented to city council to be approved.

“I think the city is trying really hard to update and improve Columbus. This definitely is a program that shows that,” said Davolt.

Residents say they would apply for improvements.

“I could use some new shutters there are several things that I could do.”

Sean Gilmore, Speech Therapist in Labette County, said, “If you’re giving some extra funds i think it will make it a little bit more of a achievable goal to fix their home up.”

Columbus City Council will begin accepting applications April first.


Anyone living in the city limits can apply.