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Kos and Crete – learn from Hippocrates

Kos / Heraklion. Hippocrates was born on the Greek island of Kos almost two and a half thousand years ago. He is considered the most famous doctor of ancient times. Creative islanders use his knowledge for vacationers from all over the world.

“Anyone who wants to stay strong, healthy and young and extend their lifespan should be moderate in everything, breathe pure air, do daily skin care and physical exercise,” Hippocrates advised his fellow men in ancient times. A philosophy of life that Kostas Barkas, manager of the Cook’s Club Hotel in Tigaki, fully shares. Located directly on a sunny sandy beach, the fresh, iodine and salty sea air blows towards its hotel guests throughout the entire holiday, which strengthens the immune system, cleanses the respiratory tract and loosens skin flakes. When choosing the care products for the hotel rooms, Kostas also followed the advice of the famous doctor, who recognized, among other things, the health-promoting effects of aloe vera. Instead of industrial mass products, only organic care products from the region come into question for his guests.

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Krystallenia Drosou and her father are completely committed to the cultivation and use of aloe vera.

Just a few kilometers from the hotel, Dr. Krystallenia Drosou with her father on three hectares of land aloe vera plants. It is a fortunate coincidence that, unlike most of the neighboring islands, there are fresh water springs for irrigating their plantation “pandrosia” on Kos. The plants, whose gel makes up the main part of their innovative organic products, thrive splendidly. As a qualified pharmacist, the young woman developed a whole range of care products, beverages and food together with scientist friends – from dermatologically tested soaps and shampoos, creams and lotions to aloe vera drinks to jams and chutneys. Could one implement Hippocrates’ request “Let food be your medicine and medicine your food” more consistently? “So far, no other plant is known that is used in such complex care and healing for humans,” Krystallenia is certain. The strong demand for their products from hotels, pharmacies and in their online shops shows that they are right.

Enjoyment on Kos

In Kos town, a memorial commemorates how Hippocrates introduced his students to medicine and on Platia Platanou, Greeks and tourists meet under the offshoot of a plane tree, under whose canopy the doctor passed on his knowledge. Even if his theory of the four humors no longer stands up to the findings of modern medicine, his method of holistic consideration of the symptoms of illness and the patient’s way of life has lost none of its topicality. Convinced of fasting as an excellent healing method, he was by no means an advocate of asceticism.

“Wine is a thing that is wonderfully suitable for people, provided that it is used sensibly and to the right degree in good and bad health,” he is said to have expressed himself in reflection of his own preferences. Advice that Greeks and their guests are happy to follow. What would a romantic sunset be without a good drop of wine? Nikolaos Hatziemmanouil is one of the winemakers who develop refreshing new types of wine on Kos. Numerous international awards adorn the walls of the restaurant on his winery and with his new “Kydonitza” he achieved his last highlight so far. “The fresh, lemony acidity and the full body are well received,” says Nikolaos happily, who brings a little more uniqueness to the island. The restaurant “The Kitchen”, just a few steps away from Cook’s Club, is also unique, in which chef Andreas Dougias celebrates culinary experience gastronomy with dishes such as a two-hour egg with truffle butter or lamb kleftiko, combining international delicacies with Mediterranean style. “Man is what he eats,” said Hippocrates.

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The archaeological site of Asklepieion on Kos was once a huge sanatorium. The art of healing was also taught here and the god of healing was worshiped.

Your stay on Kos ends with a visit to the most important archaeological site on the island, the Asklepieion, which was uncovered in 1904 by the German archaeologist Rudolf Herzog. Unfortunately, due to an earthquake in 554, only fragments of the once magnificent portico, the medical school and the baths have survived. But a visit still gives a pretty good idea of ​​the enormous size of the complex used as a health center and ancient sanctuary.

Joy of life in Crete

If you browse the Internet for Hippocrates, you can easily find out that he regarded the joy of life as an indispensable prerequisite for a healthy body and mind. “Joy relieves the heart,” he wrote in one of his works. Perhaps the managers of Cook’s Club Hotels had this quote in the back of their minds when they decided to develop a “guide to a good mood” as a hotel concept for the younger clientele. In Hersonissos near Heraklion on Crete, teens and twens shouldn’t miss out on anything that makes their life so worth living: parties, cocktails, street food and beach vibes for an informal holiday atmosphere are right at the top of the agenda. From checking in to paying, everything is done on the mobile phone. Lounge rhythms by the pool as well as disco parties, movies and other events in the evenings ensure the necessary mood and variety. If you also use the spa, fitness and wellness areas, you can hardly leave the hotel complex in the middle of the city. The venue is no longer an insider tip for local youth.

Kos & Crete

Getting there: For example, a flight with Condor from Hamburg to Heraklion and back from around 200 euros, Eurowings, Lufthansa and others also fly.
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Stay: Cook’s Club Tigaki Kos, double room for 2 with breakfast from € 99 per night via

Cook’s Club Hersonissos Crete, double room for 2 with breakfast from € 62 per night

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A private disco for two freshly in love or a small group of like-minded people promises intimacy. Sometimes rapper George Simatos, who is traded as a future star, also drops in here. “This style of music is still young in Greece and there is a lot of room for improvement for talented musicians who work hard on themselves,” says the nineteen-year-old and gives a short taste. The benchmark is based on the best rappers in the USA. He recently signed his first contract and will soon attract attention with his premiere video. His sponsors also include hotel manager Iraklis Andrianakis, who is already looking forward to George’s first appearances in the hotel’s event area in front of a ten by six meter screen.

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In the Taverna Sofas in Hersonissos you should definitely try the pork tenderloin with dried apricots and figs.

You can also find unadulterated joie de vivre in the fashion design studio and tailoring PLS Fashion & Forever Young in Heraklion. Designer Helene Papakaliati designs, manufactures and sells fashion here with her 50-strong team that is inspired by Minoan patterns. In order to set itself apart from the Asian competition, it relies on the highest quality and natural fabrics made of cotton and linen. Sales have risen by 50 percent in the last few years and some vacationers leave the shop with a satisfied smile – in the spirit of Hippocrates.