May 19, 2024


Built General Tough

Jamie Prince Flourish Agency marketing business Greenville SC Pandemic

Jamie Prince’s marketing business began with one phone call in one of the worst of times, financially, and one of the best times, personally.

A Greenville native, Prince was working as Director of Corporate Communications at The Cliffs real estate communities after graduating from college, jump-starting her career in New York City, and returning home to marry her husband, David.

“I was young, working long hours, and doing whatever it took to do the job,” Prince says. “I was having fun and worked on some great stuff.

“Real estate was booming — until it wasn’t.”

And so began the bad times, the Great Recession, in 2009.

Prince decided it was time for a change, not just because of the economy. She had a new baby girl, Reese.

“I had such a long commute, and I was working such long hours. Reese was the first to be dropped off at day care, and she was the last to be picked up. It just broke my heart,” she says.

“Time is the most precious resource, and I wanted to dedicate more time to my daughter.”

Jamie Prince, Flourish Agency

She wanted a professional life, as well, so she decided to take that summer off and look for consulting work in the fall. But days after leaving The Cliffs, the phone rang. Prince’s business was born – Flourish, a marketing, public relations, and events management firm.

The first caller, her first client, was The Reserve at Lake Keowee. Her husband reminded her that she wasn’t even registered with the state. “I put the cart before the horse the very first day,” she explains.