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How to Use Twitter for Effective Business Marketing

Engaging more than 200 million active users, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms across the world. Now a days, since every business, big or small, has been using social media to grow their businesses, Twitter has lately emerged as a “selectively” powerful tool for gaining a strong foot in the social media marketing world for businesses.

Why selectively? Well, firstly, Twitter comes under ‘micro-blogging tools’ which requires the users to post content in 140 characters precisely. Secondly, there’s more to Twitter beyond “Buy Active Twitter Followers” for your brand. Therefore, it becomes complicated for many businesses to convey their ideas, or post content in a small-word limit.

Keeping that aside, let us look at how Twitter can be used as a marketing tool, generally:

Tweet with a Twist

140 characters is a small word limit. So, make sure you use it wisely, balancing well between the idea you want to convey to your audience and the words which you use to convey it. The most successful tweets in the history of Twitter have been catchy, creative and engaging.  So, tweet with twists.

Engaging the audience is rather different from pitching the sale of your product or service. So, make sure you don’t just keep pitching your sales in your tweets and focus more on engaging your audience with something that they can take back when they scroll up from your tweet section. Another important thing to ensure is that you don’t tweet too much for the audience to comprehend. It is better to limit the tweets and root them with creativity.

Monitor the Mouths on Twitter

With “Buy Twitter Followers” comes a great responsibility of monitoring the conversations the followers engage in, on the Twitter feed of your brand’s account. The logic is very simple: The more the mouths, the more the talks. Probably the most ideal ways organizations can utilize Twitter is to monitor discussions, recognize feeling and give adequate customer service. Twitter users frequently take to the platform to air objections about an organization or a product or a service. When you recognize the customer concerns, address them with the right solutions.

If the users have something wonderful to state, try to retweet, top pick and let your followers know. If they have something negative to state, address and respond to them obligingly and as soon as possible. What’s more, if they have questions, answer them immediately. Keep monitoring the discussions on your Twitter handle to pinpoint what content to share and to join discussions. While Twitter can be for sharing your musings and your products or services, it’s additionally an incredible device to listen and find what’s moving, what people discuss, and how they feel about specific topics or issues.

Tweet the Trend

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Hashtags are a great way to gain massive exposure for your brand. A hashtag when used abundantly by the audience turns into a trend. Also, the hashtags help gain more eyeballs from the audience who may be interested to know your vision and ideas. However, a major mistake that people commit while using a hashtag with their tweets is that they use every hashtag which they see. It doesn’t work, unfortunately. Use hashtags that go with the idea and the content of your tweets.

Some brands create their own hashtags to drive an online campaign and encourage their audience to reshare and retweet with those hashtags. For example, L’Oréal started the hashtag #worthsaying and encouraged women globally, to share what is important to them and “worth saying.”

This campaign empowered women across the world and was supported by thousands of women, including celebrities like Blake Lively and Jennifer Lopez. Because of its social impact and addressing the concerns of women, being the need of the hour, the hashtag went viral.

Although the campaign was first launched in 2016, the brand revamped it in 2018, in collaboration with TIFF’s #ShareHerJourney campaign. $0.25 was donated by the brand for every mention of #WorthSaying and/or #ShareHerJourney on social media.

Set Your Twitter Goals

Success on any web-based media platform starts with having clear, quantifiable objectives. It is extremely unlikely to know whether your social media strategy is positively affecting your business except if you comprehend what you’re attempting to accomplish.

Your Twitter goals should be “SMART”: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. So, becoming famous online or going viral, as they say, doesn’t come into consideration. These objectives ought to line up with your elevated business targets in terms of growth and be broken down into quantifiable goals to achieve in a given point of time.

Create Lists on your Feed

Opening up your Twitter feed for 1,000,000 conversations on random topics is a mess. There’s such a lot of going on that it’s difficult to zero in on anyone’s theme.

That is the reason lists are a useful tool for focusing on the conversations that really matter to your business. Lists are curated feeds from chosen accounts, which permit you to check out important conversations or impacting individuals.

You can make the same number of lists as you need on Twitter. Furthermore, compared to the main feed, which is requested through Twitter’s mystery algorithm, tweets in your lists are masterminded sequentially, which makes it simpler to follow recent developments and issues.

You might need to make lists of your competitors’ accounts, powerful idea pioneers in your industry, and your own contemporaries. Remember that lists are public, so be insightful when naming them. You can also subscribe to the lists of other Twitter accounts.

Of course, every brand has its own unique Twitter marketing strategy specific to it or the organization behind it. But following the basics closely will get you started in the right direction.

Published January 22nd, 2021