July 14, 2024


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How to Hide Healthy Food in Your Kids Favorite Meals

It’s just a fact that kids aren’t going to eat kale and quinoa for every meal. But, getting your kids to consistently eat healthily can be a monumental challenge and as a parent, it’s your job to make sure they eat nutritious meals that are both good for their brain and their body. So does it really matter how you get them to eat healthily?

It’s important to remember that your kids aren’t born with a craving for ice cream and hamburgers and an aversion to broccoli and potatoes. That being said, kids develop a natural preference for the foods they enjoy the most. So why not disguise those healthy foods in one of their favorite meals?

Lots of kids are familiar with sloppy joes and love to eat them, partly for the fun, but mostly for the taste. Take any vegetables you have left in your fridge, or pick out vegetables they wouldn’t normally eat, or choose vegetables they like – it really doesn’t matter. Slice up the vegetables, throw in a blender or put the sauce you’re using in the blender to puree or pulse it, and put in with your ground beef and you’re done!

Parents think eating healthy is too complex or too time-consuming.  You really don’t have to change your meals.  Just use better choice ingredients and throw in vegetables that go with their favorite foods. It will create a healthy association with healthy food items that your kids otherwise wouldn’t have unless combined with their favorite meals.

Vegetables have over 30,000 phytonutrients that are amazing for your health.  Plus they contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more. You can add vegetables to a beef stew, spaghetti, or mash carrots up with mashed potato, or even add peppers to your favorite tacos. Remember that it can take kids upwards of 20 times of seeing a vegetable to be brave enough to actually try it. So disguise it!

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