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How the BMW 507 became the most expensive production BMW (oldtimer blog article from May 17, 2021) | Double-declutching

BMW 507, auctioned by Gooding & Co (© Gooding)

The price record for a BMW 507 is around 4.5 million euros. The car from the first ownership of motorcycle and Formula 1 world champion John Surtees (1934-2017) achieved this record value. John Surtees personally picked up the car, built in 1957 and chassis number 70067, in Munich and owned it all his life. The 507 was a gift from Count Domenico Agusta, the boss of MV Agusta, as a thank you for the first world title that Surtees won for the Italian company in 1956. The Briton celebrated all of his seven world championship titles with MV Agusta motorcycles.

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Blog from October 1, 2014
John Surtees showed me his beloved 507 in person, and a 300 SL was right next to it.

BMW 507 from John Surtees (© Daniel Reinhard)

The Surtees 507 was launched in 2018, just a year after his death
Bonhams as part of the Goodwood Festival of Speed

The auction house Gooding & Co now has a
Online auction of a 507
mediated from the second series (picture above). The car, also painted in silver gray, with a production date of August 27, 1957, already has the modifications to the changed dashboard and tank position. The car was initially delivered to Italy, but then came to the USA, where it changed hands several times and was completely restored a few years ago. The estimated price was reached with an auction result of 2.2 million US dollars. Converted, this BMW 507 cost 1.81 million euros, not even half of the Surtees car. Even so, today a 507 is worth around twice as much as a 300 SL Roadster, and John Surtees owned both of them. But he hardly ever thought of an investment.