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How Taylorr Doubled His High-Ticket Close Rate with Our “Irresistible” Offer Framework

How Taylorr Doubled His High-Ticket Close Rate with Our “Irresistible” Offer Framework

“The offer became so irresistible that selling it is just…it’s butter. It’s so easy.”

What if selling your product actually felt easy instead of painfully awkward?

Most coaches and course creators think getting there is hard, but it’s actually incredibly simple.

That’s what our client Taylorr Payne recently realized (he’s the guy quoted above).

In the past, he was juggling what he described as a “smorgasbord” of offers.

Clients had SO many options that they rarely purchased the one that’s most valuable to Taylorr’s business…

…until he hired us to coach him.

We put his business through our Irresistible Offer Framework and his conversion rate doubled.

Now, when he sells his high-ticket Accelerator coaching program, it’s such a no-brainer that clients feel stupid saying no.

“This is why I sold two accelerators today. That’s $10,000, by the way” he said. “ I’ve sold 15 of these things since the last time that number got updated. And the biggest reason why is I found out how to talk about us as one offer.

How you talk about your offer is the single biggest growth opportunity for SO many businesses.

With that in mind, I invited Taylorr to come on Shop Talk and share the exact changes he made to SpeakerFlow’s offer, so you can apply the same approach to your own.

Listen in on our conversation below, then read the full post for a breakdown of the changes Taylorr made to his offer!

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Check out Taylorr’s business, SpeakerFlow, here.

Breaking Down Taylorr’s New Irresistible Offer

Before we dig into Taylorr’s offer, let’s take a closer look at how his business works.

His Company: Taylorr’s company is called SpeakerFlow. They give speakers, coaches, and consultants systems and coaching that help them take control of their business, stay in their zone of genius, and get out of the weeds.

His Products: He has two primary products. The first is CRM software called SpeakerFlow CRM:

The second product is a coaching program called SpeakerFlow Accelerator:

Problem SpeakerFlow Solves:

Both of these products help speakers systemize their businesses so they can grow beyond the plateau they’ve hit.

The Problem:

Taylorr knows exactly who his ideal customer is.

He knows exactly how to solve their problems.

He’s created multiple great products that get the job done.

You can build a really nice business just by getting those things right.

But if you haven’t nailed your offer, you will always be leaving money (and growth) on the table.

Think about it—there are millions of ways to package a CRM and coaching program. You could sell them separately. You could sell them together. You could do one-time feeds. You could do a subscription model. You could do a blend of both.

And that’s without mentioning the millions of ways you could describe each offer you come up with.

Until recently, Taylorr was putting WAY too many offers on the table for his potential customers.

“We had a smorgasbord of different offers you could pay for. It was kind of confusing,” he said. “We had this software for $39, and we have this one where you can pay us $3,000 one time, and by the way we do coaching.”

The first step? Stop offering so many different things.

Taylorr whittled down his “smorgasbord” of offers to just two options:

  • Option A – Just the CRM + full setup ($3,000 one-time fee + $45/month per user): Taylorr’s team will fully implement the SpeakerFlow CRM in the client’s business. Everything will be up and running—all the client has to do is put the key in the ignition.
  • Option B – CRM + full setup + Accelerator coaching program ($5,000 one-time fee + $1,000/month): Everything in Option A with coaching layered on top of the software. SpeakerFlow guides your business strategy on an ongoing basis.

Simple, right?

But it’s not just about simplicity.

His conversion rates are also skyrocketing because he frames these options brilliantly when talking to prospects on discovery/sales calls.

After he’s gone through the process of uncovering the problems in a prospect’s business and painting a clear picture of the solutions, he lets them know there are two ways to work with SpeakerFlow:

“We can either just implement technology, where we’re order takers and you tell us what you want and we’ll just get it in place,” he said. “Or we can be a strategic partner—help you plan out your business and then build the systems around that and work with you ongoing to make sure they’re polished.”

When he talks about their offers, he’s not just comparing software versus coaching. Those words don’t even come up at all!

Instead, it’s about implementation versus strategy.

“And that value proposition, that difference between just implementation versus strategy, it’s hurtful for people to not go with the Accelerator as the main program,” Taylorr said.

That’s how you know you have a great offer—when it literally pains people to turn it down.

But if you really want to ratchet things up, you can take it one degree further.

Instead of just making it painful to turn your offer down…make it straight up dumb.

How? With a simple guarantee.

The Surprisingly Simple Guarantee That Doubled Taylorr’s Conversion Rate

In addition to tweaking his offer, Taylorr also implemented a simple 90-day guarantee that he says has immediately moved the needle on their conversion rates.

“It’s very simple,” he said. “If in 90 days you don’t feel like you have complete control of your business, meaning that this is not the best path forward to you systemizing and growing, and you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, we want to give you every dollar back.”

There are only three conditions:

  • The customer must complete at least half of the tasks SpeakerFlow assigns them.
  • They must reach out if something is wrong.
  • The refund request can’t be the first time they’ve heard from the customer.

The results were shocking—even to Taylorr!

Initially, he worried that a “satisfaction” style guarantee would be too fluffy, but that hasn’t been the case at all.

Instead, it’s allowed him to get past the #1 objection every high-ticket coaching program faces: The price.

“Everyone [in the past] would always have a budget issue. $5,000 is a lot. And then $1,000 per month. [They] could potentially hire a VA for that amount. They would kind of hem and haw, and it was because of the risk,” he said.

Nothing de-risks an offer like a guarantee. Test one in your business immediately and you’ll be shocked at the difference it makes.

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