December 4, 2023


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Home Improvement: Absolute Property Care

Everyone wants the best for their home, and sometimes it can be tough to know where to start. Property management company Absolute Property Care is here to help. “We’ve evolved since 2012,” says owner Jimmy Bissett. “We’ve been here in the Hamptons, growing our company.” Bissett talks about the services Absolute Property Care offers, why it’s important for Hamptons homeowners to have a property manager they can trust and more.

Talk about your services.
We have a wide range of services, whatever the customer needs. I thrive on more of an in-house property management company from painting, power washing, carpenters. We do a good amount of certain things in-house and plumbing, electric and certain things we sub out. We get things done quick and at a good price, too. We do full-time property to managing the vendors, landscaper, pool guy, we do that. We do weekly checks while they’re not there. Anything from getting deliveries…we meet new rentals on-site, we do before and after cleanings and walkthroughs, and we work with Douglas Elliman to buy and sell, as well. We have a lot to offer for our clients.

There must have been a huge influx in business during the pandemic.
There’s so much, and a lot of people buying, we’re doing a lot more work for the houses which is good for us and a lot of new people are coming out and buying their homes and needing help managing them and getting things done. Also, the rental side—our clients are booking rentals up so we’ve been busy with that, too.

What are some things homeowners would be surprised to learn you do?
We’re a one-stop shop. I tell everyone, why even ask me the question, just come with a problem and I’ll take care of it for you! I’ve got 10 packages next to me right now. I have a nice warehouse, I can store things here for them. We also do auto-cleaning, as well, so any cars that they’re dropping on and off we can take care of. It’s the ease of calling me and I’ll take care of it.

There’s certain things, when I’m checking on things, that becomes preventable maintenance. Let’s trim this tree, let’s do this, etc. There are things they may not see, maybe we could put a light here, things that an outsider might not see. They look at their house every day and don’t realize it’s dirty until an outsider looks in and sees it.

Why choose Absolute Property Care?
I thrive in the in-house property care. It’s all about the relationship. A lot of times I’m meeting the vendors, I’m there. I thrive on the relationship with the homeowners. We’re in-house, we treat you like family. It’s about feeling comfortable with me in your home and trusting my knowledge and expertise working on your assets.

Call Absolute Property Care at 631-767-3915.