June 21, 2024


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History: In search of everyday stories

City archive and Donauwörther museums start an appeal: Who has objects and documents?

The history of a city can only be partially deduced from the files. There is indeed a sober and objective view of the city administration
, but not the life or experience of everyday life from the point of view of the so-called “little people”.

On the other hand, documents and objects that tell the story of the place and the people are important contemporary witnesses. They give a vivid glimpse into the past of a family or a house. It is precisely the stories associated with this, the so-called context, that complement the city records and make them exciting exhibits.

On the occasion of the (digital) events at the end of the Second World War, the Donauwörth City Archives and the Donauwörth City Museums appeal to the city’s population. They would like to supplement their collections and are looking for documents and objects from everyday history.

In addition to the direct war events in World War II, the focus is on the period from 1900 to the present day. What was fashion in Donauwörth in 1912, did you sew yourself or already bought clothes? How did the economic upswing develop and how did companies try to attract their customers in the past? When did you travel and where did you go? How did so-called “guest workers” come to Donauwörth and how did they settle in?

We are looking for objects and documents that tell the story of Donauwörth. This includes photos, biographical documents of Donauwörth residents with and without a migration history, diaries and letters. Short descriptions of life or autobiographies are just as welcome as family stories from new and long-established families in Donauwörth.

Likewise, objects of daily life are in demand that tell a special story, relics of the First and Second World Wars, objects on flight and expulsion or videos on everyday life in Donauwörth. (dz)

Objects of interest can be communicated to the city archive and the museums of the city of Donauwörth at the following addresses: Dr. Cathrin Hermann, 0906 / 789-180, [email protected], Thomas Heitele MA, 0906 / 789-170, [email protected]

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