April 16, 2024


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Great UK Universities for Computer Science and IT Degrees

In the UK, higher education decisions for UK students interested in a technical career are centered around which school is best for them. With costs fixed at £ 9,250 per year, college enthusiasts often feel the pressure to make sure they get the value of their money.

As the technical skill gap continues to widen and the demand for technical professionals grows, it goes without saying that degree courses related to computer science are becoming more popular. Over 131,000 students from 2019 to 2020 Computer science degree In England.

This list is not definitive, but it gives an overview of the top universities in the UK for computer science and IT related degree courses. Created by averaging the scores from. Is Guardian And Times 2021 university rankings after filtering the rankings by the course title “Computer Science”.

Oxford and Cambridge

Oxford and Cambridge universities rarely find a list of universities that are not ranked number one. When it comes to computer science and IT courses, there is no change in the top.

The University of Cambridge offers only one undergraduate student. Computer science course, In Oxford, applicants can take a 3-year course Undergraduate course Or a four-year master’s program, both in combination with mathematics and philosophy. Acceptance for the Master Course is subject to a 2 to 1 achievement at the end of the third year.

by Guardian Ninety-five percent of students studying computer science in Cambridge got a job within 15 months of graduation. The same stats weren’t available in Oxford, University claim “Six months after graduation, our students achieved a median salary of £ 45,000, which is higher than all other UK undergraduate graduates.”

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