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Get to know these Black food bloggers in Charlotte, NC

Shay Farrell digs in to find the hidden gems and fun places to hang out in Charlotte.

Shay Farrell digs in to find the hidden gems and fun places to hang out in Charlotte.

Black bloggers are an established presence in Charlotte, and not only are they putting the city on to the most delicious (and often cost-friendly) eats around town, they’re also doing it in the spirit of community.

Oftentimes, Charlotte’s Black foodies are breaking the mold by featuring places that would normally fly under the radar — ones described as “hole-in-the-wall” or “low-key” restaurants.

Whether it’s a post telling followers about a female black-owned quesabirria restaurant operating out of a ghost kitchen or a Black-owned food truck dedicated to cheesesteaks, many Black food bloggers in Charlotte are putting a spotlight on the places that are worthy of a visit.

See the roundup below for more Black food bloggers you should follow:

Hallie Bonds

Instagram: @qccuisine

Bonds began her blog when she moved to Charlotte a few years ago, wanting to get to know the city a little better. Check out her page for close-ups of tasty treats around Charlotte.

Dani Canada

Instagram: @thecharlitty

Follow this blogger for not only good eats, but for a head’s up on all the best hangouts around town. Having lived in Charlotte over 10 years, Canada’s blog is community-centered with a focus on small businesses in and around the area. She’s also a self-proclaimed lover of “all things bright, sparkly, fun and good vibes.”

Image 6 - Dani Canada 1.jpg
Influencer Dani Canada, who has been in Charlotte for more than 10 years, is focused on small businesses in the community. Courtesy of Dani Canada

Tanya Crisp

Instagram: @msfoodieclt

Visit this page for the around-Charlotte eats and drinks. Msfoodieclt features her favorite food trucks, events supporting Black-owned businesses, and more. She started her blog as a way to spread the word about restaurants opened during the pandemic, and those struggling to stay open. But due to her love of all cuisine types, she shares a variety of options in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Asha Ellison

Instagram: @ashaeatsworld

Charlotte-based foodie, Asha Ellison is dedicated to highlighting the businesses that she loves in the city. “Wherever I go, I eat and document it” Ellison said. Follow her page to see what’s tasty around Charlotte.

Image 7 - Asha Ellison 1.jpg
Asha Ellison celebrated her birthday this summer with a taco tray from Las Americas Supermarket in Rock Hill, SC, after being inspired by popular local TikToke Wynee Bermudez. Courtesy of Asha Ellison

Shionda (Shay) Farrell

Instagram: @yelpelitechick

Farrell is a food and lifestyle blogger who specializes in hidden gems and fun hangout-spots. If you want to know where the adventure lives, where the hideaway spots are, or even a combination of food, fun and leisure, visit her page. You’ll find her at all types of eateries – upscale, low-key or your everyday neighborhood spots.

Image 5 - Shionda Farrell 5.jpeg
Shay Farrell digs in to find the hidden gems and fun places to hang out in Charlotte. Courtesy of Shay Farrell

Shay Jackson

Instagram: @iamshayjackson

Visit food and lifestyle blogger Shay Jackson’s Instagram for a view of her favorite Charlotte eats, events and excursions. Bonus: you’ll also get DIY crafts, photography and even recipes using 10 ingredients or less.

Image 10 - Shay Jackson.jpg
Shay Jackson is a food and lifestyle blogger who also throws a craft or a recipe into the mix now and then. Courtesy of Shay Jackson

Ryan Jones

Instagram: @thefooddudeclt

“Alright so boom,” as thefooddude starts off each of his posts, this food blogger is the one to follow for close-ups of scrumptious dishes all around Charlotte. Think “mouth-watering” when it comes to his shots. Per his Instagram, he’s no influencer – “just the plug to the food spots.” He features a spectrum of restaurants ranging from fancy to hole-in-thewall. Whether it’s about the food, or the drinks, he’s here for an overall good vibe.

“I started thefoodudeclt just to post the places I was going to eat and drink in the city. I tried to be an influencer and post what I thought people would like, but I quickly learned that people love when you are just being yourself. That is my No. 1 lesson learned, just be yourself,” Jones said.

Image 11 - Ryan Jones.jpg
As a food blogger, Ryan Jones said he quickly learned that people love when you are just being yourself instead of trying to anticipate what others will enjoy. Courtesy of Ryan Jones

Cory Wilkins

Instagram: @dailyspecialclt

TikTok – BlackGuysCook

Wilkins started dailyspecialclt as a way to share food specials around Charlotte, but the endeavor soon morphed into an all-out food-loving blog. Now, not only do readers get access to daily specials, but they get hole-in-the-wall restaurant recommendations from the self-proclaimed “diet killer” himself.

Cory Wilkins.jpg
Charlotte-based food blogger Cory Wilkins has focused on the city’s Black-owned restaurants. Tia Hill

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