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Florida Civil Law Notary – Real Estate Legal Blogs Posted by Roy D. Oppenheim

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We handle civil law notary and apostille services worldwide and every state in the nation. Located in Florida allows our international notary fast response to your needs, no matter what state or country you are located in.

Under civil law, the notary has three main functions: To draft legal documents such as wills, codicils and contracts; to authenticate legal instruments; and to serve as a public repository of legal documents and instruments. Hence, the international civil law notary can officiate many types of transactions that emanate from those roles. The following is a short list with some examples of the functions and services a civil law notary may facilitate:

Civil Law Notary Services: We serve as a Civil Law Notary as prescribed by certain transactions and legal proceedings in most countries of the world.

Real Estate Deeds: Oversee and certify the execution of Deeds for Real Estate conveyed in a foreign jurisdiction.

Wills and Probate: Facilitate transfer of property located in a foreign civil law jurisdiction by Authentic Acts that certify: death, identity, authority and jurisdiction of U.S. probate courts.

Power of Attorney: Draft Authentic Acts that validly certify execution of Powers of Attorney for a civil law jurisdiction.

Identity and Survival of Pension Beneficiary: Draft Authentic Acts that confirm that the beneficiary of a pension provider or retirement fund located in a civil law jurisdiction is still living.

Proof of Records: Draft Authentic Acts that validate a wide variety of private records including: school transcripts, insurance certificates, employment history and financial statements.

Corporate Transaction: Facilitate participation of U.S. residents in corporate affairs of foreign companies by preparing corporate resolutions and transaction as Authentic Acts acceptable and valid in civil law Jurisdictions.

Domestication of Judgments: Civil law notaries may certify and validate the entry of a judgment in a U.S Court, the jurisdiction of the issuing-court, and the identity and authority of the clerk that certified the copy of the judgment, in order to have it recognized in the foreign country where the judgment’s debtor owns property or has assets that may be attached.

Marriage Ceremonies in International Waters and International Air Space: International waters are the jurisdiction of the web of international treaties that constitute international law, which is the body of law that vests power to International Civil Law Notaries. Hence, Florida international civil law notaries may perform valid Marriage Ceremonies in the High Seas.

Attest and Supervise Guinness World Records: The brand accepts civil law notaries affidavits as a valid confirmation of the accuracy of the measurements and details of the applicant’s claims.

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