June 18, 2024


Built General Tough

Femininity and fashion meet functionality

When the mountain calls and the city answers, the fashionable echo is: Tamaris. With an outdoor capsule that equips women for the urban environment as well as for nature, the successful women’s shoe brand wants to master the rise in the outdoor segment and clearly stand out from the existing range with the femininity of the models.

Tamaris offers shoes that are perfect for every moment. From the spring / summer season 2022, the popular shoe brand will serve a new moment in the world of its customers. It is the fashionable answer to striving for the outdoors and the urge to move, which is all the greater after all the limitations of the past year. “We address women who like to be active in nature and at the same time want to be stylishly dressed,” says Jens Beining, CEO of the Wortmann Group, explaining the basic idea behind the outdoor capsule. “With our feminine hiking models, you are just as equipped for the park around the corner or the urban forest as for the” catwalk “in the mountains.”

Functionality is part of the basic equipment of all models. A clear distinction to the previous range of outdoor shoes is based on femininity and the degree of fashion. “Wanderlust is conquering the paved runway and is now a real lifestyle with fashion relevance. With competitive functionality, we offer a unique fashion DNA at a competitive price, ”said Beining. Tamaris wants to occupy this niche and be perceived as a “fashionable peak” in the trekking and hiking environment. “With this collection we are leaving the beaten track in the outdoor segment and entering new, urban terrain that smells fashion air at all altitudes,” says Detmold.

While all models convince with slimmer lasts and more feminine shapes, a differentiation takes place primarily through the areas of application: T-WALK is a functional shoe for flat terrain that also makes a fashion statement in the city. Whether on the mountain or in the city – the T-TRAVEL models are urban all-rounders that can also be used universally when traveling. T-HIKE scores with high performance and offers a secure hold on more ambitious hiking tours.

The collection can also convince with the specially developed technologies such as the waterproof Flyknit material or Tamaris Terra Traction for grip on any terrain: The specially developed rubber compound of the outsole and its degree of hardness are specifically tailored to each model in the collection. The cooperation with the partner GORE-TEX also reflects the quality promise of the models and offers extensive protection from the weather thanks to the established GORE-TEX membrane. When developing special outdoor technologies, Tamaris benefits from the technical know-how and many years of expertise as a successful shoe production company. In order to gain a foothold in the specialized outdoor segment, however, new in-house skills were also built up within development and sales. This includes cooperation with new material suppliers, technicians and designers. The outdoor capsule is selectively sold to exclusive partners and has a price range of € 89 to € 170.

Read more about Tamaris on the company page: fashionunited.com/companies/tamaris