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Fashion: How can you find the right perfume for your outfit? – Fashion

From fashion to perfumery and back

It is by no means uncommon for elegant fashion and fragrant fragrances to mirror each other. A good example of this is the fashion house “Paul Poiret”. At the time of the great perfumeries, the owners were among the first to adapt to the market and create their own perfume called “Parfums de Rosine”. The famous Paul Poiret himself is said to have once said, “Nuit de Chile” (in German: My perfumes will do for your soul what my clothes have done for your body). A little later, the major Italian and French fashion houses, including Dior, Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Givenchy, also developed their own fragrances for their customers.

The olfactory heritage as a driving force

The olfactory heritage is the sum of all tastes and scents that are stored in memory. We build it up before the age of 7 and continue to develop it over the course of our lives. Our environment has a major impact on olfactory heritage. This can be mountains, the sea or a city that we got to know on a trip. With just this power we can find the right perfume that captivates our emotions.

One perfume for the day and one for the night

Our wardrobe changes throughout the day. Just like this, the scent should also adapt to it. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to choose a perfume for the day with everyday wear and one for evening wear. Especially during the day, strong and intoxicating scents are more bad than right. They distract from the real thing and reduce concentration. Impractical, especially in everyday work. Therefore, light and loose perfumes are more suitable. For the elegant evening look, on the other hand, a distinctive eau de parfum can be applied, which enchants the senses.

When perfume and outfit merge

Depending on the style of clothing, colors, hairstyle and accessories, a different fragrance can be more or less suitable. For a classic look, such as a nice dress or a pretty blouse, Fougère fragrances are highly recommended. This could be, for example, the perfume “Libre” by Yves Saint Laurent or the “La Fougere” by Royale Houigant.

Aldehyde notes go perfectly with the dark and warm look, consisting of a satin scarf, moccasins and cashmere sweater. These are offered with the “N ° 5” from Chanel or the “Rice Gauche” from YSL.

For every good perfume you also need a reputable retailer

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