May 18, 2024


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Fans think Taylor Swift revealed Blake Lively’s new baby’s name on Midnights

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This would not be the first time Taylor has mentioned her bestie’s young ones, and the name is cute!

When Taylor Swift drops a new album, swifties fall almost everything to listen—and make a activity of obtaining the particular Easter eggs that their beloved songstress sprinkles all through her lyrics. On Friday, Taylor released Midnightsand Twitter and TikTok exploded with fans theorizing that 1 of the names mentioned on the album essentially belongs to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ fourth child.

In the track “You’re On Your Individual Child,” the 32-year-aged mentions Daisy Mae and enthusiasts jumped to speculate who that could be, landing on Blake and Ryan’s unborn child (the actress announced her pregnancy in September). The lyrics go: “I see the great escape, so extensive Daisy Mae / I picked the petals, he enjoys me not”.

Admirers had been swift to reply to the line with tweets like: “@VancityReynolds is Daisy May possibly the identify of your new infant??? Asking for a friend…” and “I love coming to Twitter to verify issues like — certainly other individuals also think Daisy May/Mae is the name of Blake Lively’s baby”. 

It is not that far-fetched, since this would not be the initial time the songwriter has title-dropped the well known couple’s young children, with their a few daughters’ names—James, Inez, and Betty—making an visual appearance in her 2020 album Folklore. 

What’s extra, Taylor and Blake are regarded BFFs—and the whole spouse and children even got a shoutout in the singer’s 2021 Grammy acceptance speech. In the sweet second, Tay talked about just how close she was with Blake and her husband, indicating “I want to thank James, Inez, and Betty and their mother and father, who are the 2nd and third men and women who I engage in each individual new track that I write”.

What feels a bit significantly-fetched is that this little little one has not been born yet. It would be a bold shift for Taylor to expose the name that early in the system, especially simply because of how guarded the couple has been about announcing their prior children’s names. Based on her Instagram announcement final thirty day period, many suspect that her owing day is someplace all-around February or March of 2023.

Daisy Mae or not, we’re certain that what ever the pair chooses to title the latest addition to their family will be adorable—and, like her significant sisters, she’s destined to have one particular of the coolest “aunts” in the video game.