July 22, 2024


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Exotic investments: investments beyond real estate, gold and stocks

Traditional forms of investment such as securities, land and houses or precious metals are as popular as ever. However, there is no alternative to them. It is clear that there are reasons why conservative investments can maintain their status and are not so popular for nothing. The triad of risk-return-liquidity is considered the magic triangle of clever investments, and the regular evaluation of the various types of investment over time is also based on this. Ultimately, the question arises: How crisis-proof is an investment type? And does it also have long-term profitable value prospects? However, investors should not put everything on just one – and always the same – card.

The greatest danger with investments is one-sidedness

… and for this reason, the goal of most investment advisors is to put together a well-rounded portfolio in which some of the finances are invested sustainably and safely. In contrast, other shares are invested with more potential returns and a correspondingly higher risk. It is important not only to maximize potential growth, but also to optimally prepare the maintenance and management of your own assets. In this respect, it is not advisable to put all of your money in just one of the investments presented below. For many people, however, it is precisely the intersection of hobby and hobby on the one hand and finances on the other that turns out to be particularly attractive. After all, it is better to invest in objects and areas that you know a lot about than in those that you are not familiar with.


Ultimately, anyone can buy a car. But choosing a model whose value does not melt like ice in the sun, but grows over time, requires a lot of specialist knowledge and an enormous amount of tact. Of course, we’re not talking about new cars here, but rather old-timers. The price development of some vehicles is exorbitant, while most of them hardly experience any appreciable increase in price, but devour a lot of care or even restoration. Nevertheless, the value of models that meet the taste of lovers can go through the roof.

Designer handbags

Even more expertise is probably needed when choosing a handbag. Collectors of these partly exquisite handicrafts have to

  • keep an eye on developments in fashion and design,
  • have in-depth knowledge of the collector’s market, and that too
  • stay true to your personal taste as much as possible.

An example: Hermès handbags in particular are considered an excellent investment, for example the Hermès Birkin Bag is traded as the most expensive bag in the world.


With an increase in value, which can sometimes reach up to 2,000 percent and more, the ripe drink beats other forms of exotic investments by far. Here, too, there are a few things to consider when selecting and processing the purchase, because When it comes to whiskey investments, it’s not just age that decides about price and perspective. But be careful: if you are too enthusiastic about the liquid gold, you can destroy a whole fortune in one drunkenness!

Luxury watches

For a long time, chronometers were considered an insider tip among special investments. The collectors benefit from the good reputation and the high processing quality of the goods, which make them durable for so long. A clear online selection is available from, for example specialist suppliers such as Chronext about original luxury watches from Rolex. As with other types of investment, you should pay attention to the papers: every watch requires all the necessary certificates of authenticity.

With watch manufacturers as well as with other investment options, it is obvious: the big brands work with all the tricks to make their models known. It is common to make the watches available to celebrities and win them over as brand ambassadors. Rolex in particular was able to distinguish itself in this way and mobilized Roger Federer and Tiger Woods, among others. But other personalities are also known for their selection of watches: Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, James Cameron, Sharon Stone and Cameron Diaz also wore the famous chronometers on their wrists and ultimately acted as influencers.

Different investments appeal to different target groups

Unlike classic cars, handbags and whiskeys, most people can do something with watches. As an investment, however, only high-quality copies are worthwhile, and that’s where Rolex stands out as a giant that everyone knows. This is also ensured by cleverly designed marketing campaigns in which the watches are staged in spectacular record chases, for example in extreme water depths, or as an accessory in the film. In this way, the form of investment as well as the brand remain present – and are also continuously enjoying great popularity among collectors.