May 19, 2024


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Egypt’s President Follows Up On Health Condition of Actor Sherif Desouki After Undergoing Leg Amputation

Sherif Desouki, who was rewarded as Best Actor in Cairo International Film Festival in 2018 had his left leg amputated after suffering from diabetic foot. The 53-year old actor captured the attention and feelings of officials, actors and people, including President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi.

The president is following up on Desouki’s health condition.

Sisi also ordered the United Media Services, the largest media conglomerate in the MENA region, to bear the treatment expenses of Desouki, given that he is not a member of the Syndicate of Artists.

Minister of Health Hala Zayed subsequently ordered transferring the actor who suffered from Diabetes complications from a hospital in Alexandria to Dar Al-Shefa Hospital in Cairo, a statement by the ministry said.

Zayed said the actor will be treated on the expense of the state as per the president’s directives, the statement added.

Zayed said Desouki would be examined by consultants of various specialties, including general surgery, vascular surgery, internal medicine and diabetes.

The minister is closely following up on the health condition of Desouki and is making sure all required medical services are provided to him, the statement said.

The Syndicate of Artists issued a statement thanking the United Media Services for bearing the treatment expenses and uncovered a presidential decision to pay an exceptional pension for Desouki.

Desouki suffered from a deep wound in his left foot during the filming of “Wa’fet Reggala” film last year and his treatment lasted for eight months in a bid to prevent his leg from being amputated.

Doctors, however, found themselves obliged to perform the amputation surgery to Desouki after his health condition deteriorated.

Desouki, an Egyptian actor, director, author, and storyteller, was born in Alexandria and started his career in cinema in 2003.

His amputation surgery brought prayers from actors and social media user

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