July 14, 2024


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E-SUV Dacia Spring costs from 20,490 euros

On the German website of Renault’s cheap subsidiary Dacia it was said recently that the new electric car from the Spring Electric brand will cost from 21,790 euros. However, the information was removed again and a new price was announced shortly afterwards: The small E-SUV will be available in this country in the basic version that will start later for less than 21,000 euros. In future, the series will only be called “Spring”.

The Spring will hit the German market in autumn. In the entry-level version “Comfort”, the model will be available from 20,490 euros, announced Dacia. After deducting the “environmental bonus” of 9570 euros granted by the federal government and the manufacturer, the price is 10,920 euros, making the Spring the most affordable electric car on the German market. The equipment variant “Comfort Plus”, which was initially offered in Germany and can be pre-ordered now, costs 21,790 euros, minus the 9570 euros environmental bonus, it is 12,220 euros.

Dacia is promoting the Spring as a battery-powered city SUV with plenty of space, four seats, a reliable electric motor and a range of up to 230 kilometers suitable for everyday use in a realistic WLTP mix and up to 305 kilometers in the city. The Dacia Spring “Comfort Plus” can be pre-ordered from March 20th for all participants in the “Dacia Spring Exclusive Program” via an online contact request to dealers. The version offers, among other things, a 7-inch navigation system with touchscreen and smartphone connection, a parking aid with reversing camera and metallic paintwork. There are also orange-colored design accents in the interior and exterior. A CCS fast charging option with 30 kW charging power is available for an additional charge.

The “Comfort” basic version, which can be ordered later, includes a manual air conditioning system, a Bluetooth radio and a Mode 2 charging cable. The basic color is white, metallic paintwork costs an extra charge. The electric motor of the 3734 millimeter long, 1579 millimeter wide and 1488 millimeter high front-wheel drive vehicle always has an output of 33 kW (45 hp), and the top speed is 125 km / h. The battery capacity is 27.4 kWh.

Even before the official market launch in autumn, the Dacia Spring should be available in a “business version” for customer test drives at participating Dacia partners in Germany. Participants in the “Dacia Spring Exclusive Program” can register for test drives from March 20th. The business variant is to be used in other European countries as rental cars and in car sharing in the next few weeks.