June 23, 2024


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Computer science student’s M1 rig is a pile of Schiit [Setups]

Call it a “nice pile of Schiit.” Or a “Schiit stack.” That’s what admiring commenters said about computer science student and Redditor the-deluxe’s M1 MacBook Pro-centered setup.

“You fulla Schiit,” one audiophile enthused.

Why? Well, people who are into Schiit audio components are really into them. Game recognize game, after all.

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Nice laptop, but, whoah, check that Schiit out

The-deluxe sports a MacBook Pro M1 in a fashionable white DBrand Skin displaying on a Lenovo ThinkVision 32-inch ultra-high-def monitor. But folks visiting the post seemed more interested in the audio side of things.

That and some other interesting details, but we’ll get to those.

The “Schiit stack,” in this case, is a Schiit Modi Multibit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) and a Schiit Magni 3 Heresy Headphone Amp and Preamp.

“Honestly my little schiit stack is the best thing I’ve bought in terms of audio and nothing I’ve tried (in it’s price range) compares,” the-deluxe wrote in response to a comment.

The-deluxe runs sound — music, videoconference audio, you name it — through either Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers or Sennheiser HD600 Headphones.

A couple of folks wondered how the setup powers the speakers and headphones.

“The Magni has RCA output on the back, when the headphones aren’t plugged [in] it automatically switches to the speakers, the speakers are powered and are plenty loud enough for me. The dac and amp do make a massive difference when it comes to the audio quality though,” the-deluxe said.

Mechanical keyboard on notice

The-deluxe’s first mechanical keyboard is about to see the door. The Ducky one2 Mini Mechanical Keyboard may not know it, but it was really just a first step into the world of customized mechanical keyboards.

The next one, the-deluxe indicated, is built-to-order and on the way.

“Although it’s a solid keyboard I simply cannot get used to the lack of dedicated arrow keys when programming,” the-deluxe said of the doomed Ducky, destined for eBay. “With the rest of my setup being complete I decided to go the whole way and make my own mechanical keyboard – here’s what I went with for anyone who’s interested:

  • Tofu65 e-white aluminium case
  • Kailh Box Browns [switches]
  • Aluminum plate
  • KBD67 rev2.0 PCB
  • Cherry screw-in stabs”

Got all that? Thought not. Yeah, gamers, programmers and all sorts of other folks get super-specific about how typing feels and their related preferences. Old-school mechanical keyboards have plastic switches under the keys rather than membranes. That gives each keystroke more definition.

Some find that especially satisfying — even crucial for certain tasks, like gaming. The-deluxe and commenters go on about it further in the post, but we’ll spare you the minutia.

About that overlooked monitor

In terms of networking, the-deluxe forgoes a dedicated dock because the Lenovo ThinkVision display handles all needs. That is, when paired as it is with a 4-port USB hub and a USB receiver to boost Bluetooth connectivity.

“Everything plugs into the monitor (has 3 USB 3.0 ports and an ethernet port). I have the Logitech unifying USB receiver in one port, the DAC in another and a 4 port USB 3.0 hub which connects to the keyboard, webcam and mic,” the-deluxe wrote in response to a question. “This connects to the MacBook with a USB 3.2 gen 1 cable with 90w power delivery. Everything works really well and the monitor runs at 4K 60hz, honestly, the monitor is a steal for its price.”

You don't see that ergonomic wrist rest for the mouse and that coiled cable for the keyboard every day.
You don’t see that ergonomic wrist rest for the mouse and that coiled cable for the keyboard every day.
Photo: The-deluxe@Reddit

Odds and ends, maybe mostly odds

Two unusual aspects of the setup are visible in the photo showing the desktop: the odd-looking wrist rest in front of the mouse and the coiled cable connected to the keyboard.

The Carpio Ergonomic Wrist Rest looks like two pieces, but its two raised surfaces sit on one strip. Its maker, Europe-based DeltaHub, says it designed the product with the help of physicians to reduce wrist fatigue.

The coiled cable for the keyboard is an aesthetic preference for some — let’s call them cable management fetishists — and more or less of an annoyance for others.

You can buy them in coiled form, or you can make them. One commenter provided a DIY YouTube video in which a guy demonstrates both the fussiness of the setup connoisseur and how to make a coiled cable for $17 rather than spending $50 on a ready-made one.

Or maybe don’t bother.

“While it’s flexible, it’s very stiff and in my experience impractical. It gets in the way and the benefit is minimal,” another commenter said.

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