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CodeWizardsHQ Partners with PTAs Nationwide During Computer Science Education Week

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — During Computer Science Education Week, Dec 7-13 2020, CodeWizardsHQ teams up with PTAs across the nation to raise funds and increase digital literacy. To make computer science education available to more students, CodeWizardsHQ is offering a 1-hour kids coding class for only $20. 50% of the proceeds ($10 per student) will be donated to that student’s PTA or nonprofit of choice. Partnered in this effort, PTAs are considering this to be a socially-distanced fundraiser and are enthusiastic to promote this event in lieu of their usual events and afterschool activities.

CodeWizardsHQ makes a habit of engaging in philanthropic work. Since inception, they have donated thousands of dollars to various organizations, schools, and scholarships, but their main contribution is to their students. Their in-house scholarship has been extended to hundreds of students totaling over $55,000 in 2020 alone. This is the 3rd year CodeWizardsHQ has hosted this PTA fundraiser.

CodeWizardsHQ’s PTA partnership features:

  • 1-hour coding classes tailored to kids in elementary, middle, and high school
  • Build a completed project in 1-hour to explore Computer Science
  • 50% ($10) of funds go to the student’s PTA
  • PTA does not need to register to benefit
  • Coding clubs or other groups can sign up and attend a group class together
  • No coding experience necessary

The class can be purchased at the discounted rate through Sunday Dec 13th while space is available. The dates and times of available classes vary and can be selected at the time of purchase. Classes are available for ages 8-18.

“We want to give every kid a chance to code. Computer Science Education week is a perfect time to provide that chance. Many students see that with a bit of guidance and encouragement from an expert teacher, they can code! They can create. And with that knowledge, a lot more possibilities open up to them.” Jey Iyempandi, CEO and Founder.

Details and enroll at https://codewizardshq.com/csedweek/

CodeWizardsHQ is the leading online coding school for kids and teens ages 8-18. We deliver the most fun and effective live, online coding classes that teach real programming languages like Python, Java, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and more to give our students the programming knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in a digital world.

Elizabeth Smith, CodeWizardsHQ
[email protected]

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