May 19, 2024


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Celebrate your favorite food days at these Evansville area restaurants

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — September is a great month for food. It’s a special time for tailgating, apple picking, s’mores on the campfire, and, ah, ants on a log?

Seriously, it’s official. There are well over 50 national or international food holidays in September, including National Ants on a Log Day on the 10th and National String Cheese Day on the 20th.

We don’t have room for all of them, but we picked a bunch that we thought you’d especially enjoy. 

Nellie's Restaurant in Newburgh is known for good breakfast food such as pancakes.


If you love breakfast food, September is a great month for you. Better Breakfast Day and National Pancake Day are both on Sunday, Sept. 26, so take time for a nutritious fresh breakfast, and leave Saturday night’s cold pizza for another day. We hear breakfast and pancakes at The Friendship Diner, Cleaver’s and Nellie’s Restaurant are fantastic. If you don’t get up early on Sunday, the next day, Monday the 27th, is National Corned Beef Hash Day. The Kite and Key on Franklin Street makes its own corned beef hash, but it’s closed on Monday… It’s OK, you can hit them any other day of the week.