June 23, 2024


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Art and artists meet: On the HeideKultour route, around 150 exhibitors present themselves at around 40 event locations

partly District. After the HeideKultour had to be canceled last year due to Corona, it can finally take place again this year. Under the motto “Go on tour! Meet artists! Experience culture!” Around 150 exhibitors open their studios and workshops to visitors on the initiative of the HeideKultour association of the same name. The opening times are on Saturday and Sunday, August 28th and 29th and September 4th and 5th, usually from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. At around 40 event locations in the districts of Harburg, Heidekreis and Lüneburg, artists present their works, open their workshops, organize group exhibitions, music events and much more. The cultural diversity of painting, sculpture, sculptures and objects, glass artists, handicrafts, fashion, jewelry, design, ceramics and clay, concerts, culinary delights, literature, demonstrations, workshops and much more make the otherwise more touristy Lüneburg Heath closed on two weekends a cultural center in Lower Saxony. Several thousand visitors have come to this unique art experience every year for seven years.
The party includes: Horst-Hagen Rath (Asendorf); Jan Amelung (Appel-Hollenstedt); Sara Heinrich and Anne Beecken (Buchholz Sprötze); Inge Paulsen, Heike Delhez and Florence Romberg (Buchholz); Julia Schröder (Döhle); Constance Renken, Carmen Schwinning, Julia Heigel, Annette Schroeder-Werthmann, Annette Seelenmeyer, Kerstin Hirsch, Eva Vorkoeper and the Alter Geidenhof cultural center (Hanstedt); Atelier Katharina Ortleb (Hanstedt-Quarrendorf), Micky Stach (Holm); Verdieck Foundation (Holm-Seppensen); Wilkenshoff (Hollenstedt); Susanne Dinter (Jesteburg); Atelier Klaus Backhaus and Mareike Brehm (Klecken); Finn-Olaf Walter, Ingrid Schwoy, Kristina Künzel and Rose Marie Goetze (Otter); Gerit Grube (Sahrendorf); Claudia Friedrichs and Karl Hoffmann (Schätzendorf); Rolf Schröder (Seevetal-Meckelfeld); Gudrun Hofmann and Wiebke H. Müller (Tostedt); Marlis Hartig, Roswitha Lippeck, Elke Stoll, André Prüsmann, Christian Bothe and Dennis Karjetta (Undeloh) and Der Schafstall (Wörme).
• All exhibitors, venues and times can be found on www.heidekultour.de.