April 12, 2024


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After the wintry success, the engines are warmed up for September

Numerous Italian and foreign buyers visited White’s business-to-business platform to discover the brands’ fall / winter collections, carefully selected by the team of Massimiliano Bizzi, the founder of the event in Via Tortona. “Due to the Prime Minister’s decree, which prevented us from opening our fair in the fashion district of Tortona, we felt it was right to continue to support our SMEs with a marketing project that promoted the beautiful and high-quality“ Made in Italy ”from highlights sustainable companies. We supported their creativity by, above all, facilitating the encounters between the brand and the buyers, guiding them through our business-to-business platform and creating content, videos and interviews to showcase the excellence of each company ” , explains Massimiliano Bizzi, founder of White Milano.

Bizzi, founder of White: Now we are working on selecting the best brands on the market, as always, in order to make the buyers an even more interesting offer.

Carlo Maria Ferro, President of Ice-Agenzia, the institution that has supported the Milan event for several editions, is also optimistic about the future and expects a return to normal in the coming months. “The relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) were largely exceeded: around 180 companies from the women’s fashion and accessories sector came into contact with 8,000 individual users during the Milan Fashion Week last February,” says Ferro, who is satisfied with the results of the fair in Regarding visitor numbers and interest from buyers in the brands on the platform. “In the coming months, we will likely continue to hold digital trade shows accompanied by some presentations and face-to-face events, but then we will return to face-to-face shows even if digital trade shows continue to be an important business opportunity for companies and brands, including fashion be: the expansion of the radius of action to those who cannot be physically present at the event. For this purpose we have launched Fiera Smart 365, a tool with which we can hold digital or hybrid trade fairs today and increase the impact of international trade fairs on foreign markets tomorrow. “

White Milano: After the wintry success, the engines will be warmed up for September
Specifically, during the trade fair from February 25th to 28th, the number of visitors to White’s new website increased and reached over 8,000 individual users per day with an average visit time of 2.5 minutes, while on social networks there was an increase of 400 percent in Compared to the previous edition, with over 3000 people following the webinars. The digital work for SMBs continued throughout March and April to support companies with their business-to-business sales campaigns.
Bizzi adds: “Now, as always, we are working on selecting the best brands available on the market in order to be able to make buyers an even more interesting offer, and we hope that they will visit our event again and choose new designers from our brand mix new momentum and the desire for a fresh start. We have been working with showrooms and retailers since the beginning of the pandemic because we believe that we can only overcome this difficult historical period if we pull together. In September we can count on the support of the institutions, Ice-Agenzia, Confartigianato and the city of Milan ”.

For example, Confartigianato stated through its President Marco Granelli: “The fashion industry is the manufacturing sector that is suffering the most from the crisis. In 2020, the industry saw a 17.9 billion decline in sales and an 11.2 billion decline in exports. The recovery period will be long and complex, but to get started again, two factors need to be taken into account: the ability to innovate, which is already in place in 46.8% of companies in the sector, and the green stance, which is already in place at 62 “There are 8% of small businesses in the sector that are implementing strategies to reduce the environmental impact of their activities”.

Conclusion: White successfully passed the digital practical test, combined with the focus on sustainability and the promotion of SMEs, as the statements of the organizers of the event and the important institutions involved prove. The Milano Loves Italy movement, sponsored by WHITE and CSM-Camera Moda Showroom, also contributed to the success of the event, with the support of CNMI-Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, CBI-Camera Buyer Italia, Confartigianato Milano Monza e Brianza, Alined Network and Niam- National Italiana Agenti Moda. The Milan City Council is also involved in the project.

White Milano: After the wintry success, the engines will be warmed up for September
The movement produced a short film to send a message of hope and positivity. The title of the short film, directed by Mantra-Mezcal, Fred Cavallini & Filippo Pax, which was filmed in the most atmospheric corners of the city, with an even more special atmosphere during the fashion week, is “This is Milano”.

The message of the video is direct and emotional: it’s time to reinvent yourself! Milan, the capital of fashion and design, does not give up and shows itself in its beauty, which sometimes wraps itself in silence and then explodes again in unimaginable ways and at unimaginable times, a dynamic city, fast-paced as ever, in constant Evolution after the ongoing struggles. To get up again, more beautiful than ever. This is the storyboard developed by the two directors Cavallini and Pax, which was able to underline the concept of indestructible beauty through words and images.

Gigliola Maule, President of Csm-Camera Showroom Milano, also spoke about Milano Loves Italy and the desire for relaxation:
“Milan has been forced to sleep, but it has a great desire to resume life. We are working on different projects and with a view to restarting we have joined Milano Loves Italy, a movement founded by White to support the rebirth of the city of Milan. Through this movement, a whole series of events is planned, supported by the city council of Milan. Our wish is for Milan to become more alive than ever in September by creating collaborations with gastronomy and design that represent the excellence of the Italian lifestyle. The city of Milan has always been one of the most popular destinations for foreign buyers, not only to shop, but also to enjoy the Italian lifestyle ”.

White’s digital projects are not ending and his team is working to further develop the storytelling and communication of his companies, both via the digital channel and in the hope that the in-person fair will resume in September 2021.